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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Like Homework

I am probably one of the very few lucky kids who do not know how to enjoy the "privilege" of attending a homework-free kindergarten. Since I do not bring home any homework from school, I constantly ask mummy for homework because I LIKE doing it.

Quite often, I will complain "I'm bored, mummy... can you please give me homework?" Well, although I do have a big pile of workbooks, I sometimes "crave" for something different... like the ones that mummy "writes" for me.

Workbooks on my table...

More workbooks under my table...

Last week, when I asked for homework again, mummy wrote a few sums (addition) for me to which I completed within minutes and said "It's so easy. Give me something harder!" Very "action", eh?

Mummy then taught me addition with "carry-over to tens" (not taught in school yet). She cincai explained to me just ONCE and wrote some sums for me to solve. To her surprise, not only did I manage to grasp the concept, I completed all these sums in just under 10 minutes (albeit with a few careless mistakes here and there)...

Sometimes, mummy would give me ejaan too (this is also not given in school). The ejaan that she gives me are very impromptu and I am required to spell and write on the spot. No word list is given in advance. I've mastered my sukukata quite well in school so this is no problem for me too (except for the /ng/ and /ny/ sound which I've yet to learn)

My very first ejaan ;)

When it comes to my Mandarin lessons, mummy is happy to note that I am very self-motivated. Every now and then I will take out my vocabulary book, play the accompanying CD and recite the words happily without being told to do so. I am able to recognize the 200-odd characters in my 2 books now. Mummy recorded this video not because of my reading but because of the way I "sat"...

Amusing but at the same time also made her *shake head*

My Chinese writing... I write better in Chinese (compared to my alphabets). This is about the only homework that I have, given by my Mandarin teacher, Zhang Lao Shi

I like homework... that's what this "Homework Princess" said

Note: This is a brief record of my academic progress at 5 years old


  1. You are blessed with a daughter who enjoys doing homework.

  2. Gwen hates doing homework. Simple addition and subtraction take her forever to finish. Oh...I'm so impressed with Chloe. She is a genius. Chloe is way ahead of Gwen.

  3. Two different child, with different personalities. It's always the case. Same with both my boys.

  4. Bravo! It's good that Chloe has taken her homework seriously. And she even initiates to get extra exercises. Keep it up!

  5. You are real smart kid, know so many things at age of 5 liao. How I wish Shenny jie jie like you, has that urge/initiative to do homework?

  6. Clever Chloe. She Chinese writing very neat and nice. My girl writing really KSL haha

  7. She has very neat handwriting and is very advanced in Maths too. Such a hardworking gal to request for homework. She will definitely excel in Primary school. No worries mummy. Good job, Chloe!

  8. Chloe Chinese writing is very nice, you are so lucky to have a homework princess.
    My girl will run far far away when i started taking out extra honework..... haha.

  9. Same here, though it was a school holiday, i let my girls do homework, revision, and workbooks exercise too.

  10. Chloe's such a proactive n hardworking girl. And her Maths is def advanced for a 5-yo. Keep up the good work, Chloe!

  11. Fuyoh, amazing pose but I can feel the blood was gushing to her brain:-)

    Anyway, Chloe is such a good girl. I think you have no prob at all in coaching her in doing the daily schoolwork.


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