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Monday, August 29, 2011

Made In China

I like to read labels and find out where things are made, especially my toys. A few days ago, while digging for her winter jacket hidden deep inside one of the compartments of my wardrobe, mummy stumbled upon a bag of toys... my baby toys, to be exact.... toys that have been put away years ago (I think after I turned 2).

She took them out for me to see (and play, of course). Boy, they were like new toys to me! I had no idea at all that I once played with these toys. I could only remember a few of them vaguely. Mummy takes very good care of my toys and things. She cleaned and wiped every single one of them before storing them. Therefore, these toys came out of storage looking clean and new...

Toys from the past... just some of the better quality ones that mummy put away for "safekeeping". She didn't buy many toys for me too. Most of them were gifts.

I had such a toy? How come I don't remember anything at all?

So many nice toys... I miss being a baby :)

Later, I started inspecting the toys one by one to find out where each of them were made.

Fisher Price... made in China

Baby Einstein... made in China

Lamaze... made in China

Playgro... made in China

Tolo... made in China

"Everything is Made in China! Why ar?" I asked. Daddy gave me an answer which I didn't really understand but nevermind...

One of mummy's favourites... this Tolo "krak-krak" toy still looks very new after so many years :)


  1. so many toys you have. i like ur mommy's favourite too. very cute :D

  2. memang nearly everything made in china punya

  3. Lucky Chloe has so many good collection of toys...branded somemore. Like Shenny jie jie, she could not remember well whether she played with her baby toys before until she saw herself play with those toys in video.

  4. Made in China cause cheappp ma.... :P

  5. Woo, I'm amazed that the toys still look very new after all these years :)

    I usually get my kids toys made in China from local toys distributor, which is really cheap :) and one or two from recognized brands.

  6. Now I know where Chloe got the trait of taking good care of her things. From mommy, of coz! ;)

  7. wow wow, all good stuff. can keep for little bro/sis. :)

  8. Gwen also asks why Made In China..haha.

    Wow...the toys still look brand new.

  9. yawor nowadays lots of thing made in China. Those toys still ok, I a bit skeptical of the food haha

  10. so many toys! And they look so new to me.


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