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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Getaway @ Cherating: Day 1

Last Saturday (30th July) saw us on a short 3D2N vacation to Cherating in Kuantan. We woke up to a very wet morning and started our journey at 10am. It rained all along the first half of our journey but after that, it was Hello Sunshine the rest of the way.

We reached Cherating at about 1:45pm and headed straight to the hotel to check-in. We stayed at The Legend Resort.

Our room, which faced the swimming pool and sea

After a quick and simple lunch (of bread and fruits brought from home) in our hotel room, we hit the beach right away in the 2pm+ hot sun, of course not without coating ourselves with SPF130 first.

At one of the huts in front of our hotel

Playing bubbles at the beach

It was so windy, blowing was not required ;)

We also walked over to Holiday Villa next door, thinking that we could lepak on their hammocks. We then discovered, to our disappointment, that the hammocks were no longer there so we just relaxed at the beach hut there. It was so windy that we wished we had a kite (we had one but its spine went missing).

No kite, bag also can!

Stepping on the mini sand cliffs

Let's build a sandcastle... scoop, scoop, scoop...

Our MegaBloks sandcastle

Walking to the sea to collect water

Wearing a pair of gigantic shoes

*Crying* Help! Help! My legs... where are my legs? Boohoohoo...

Just kidding hehe... I wasn't crying la... I actually loved having my legs buried like this!

Dig, dig, dig...

After spending nearly 4 hours playing at the beach, we had to leave reluctantly because our tummies were making dinnertime announcements hehe. We headed to Cherating town and randomly walked into a seaside restaurant called Duyong Restaurant.

We had Thai fried rice, Thai fried kuey teow, Cantonese yin-yeong (for me) as well as two stuffed crabs, fresh mango juice and carrot milk.


  1. very windy leh hahaha....nice to play bubble

  2. Chloe had so much fun at the beach. Seems like an awesome trip for everyone.

  3. Such a nice short getaway. So windy !!!

  4. 4 hours spent at the beach. It must be fun to play with the sand and sea water :p

    Oh lala, yummy stuffed crabs! Er, got chance to see any mermaid (duyung) while dining? kekeke....

  5. nice holiday.. cherating got strong wind ya... will stay tune for more.. :D

  6. Heard so much about Cherating but never been there, seems so far away from my place..... =_=

  7. oh beach vacation again? that's really nice. i miss going to the beach!

  8. That's a nice and bigggg sand castle!

  9. haha flying bag.... Oh I love her photo cuddling with daddy, she definitely a daddy girl keke.

  10. I stayed in this hotel many years back when visit cherating with my hubby... :)

    I really love your mega-block castle.. so nice!

  11. How come we didnt go Cherating when we were in Kuantan almost 4 years ago..LOL.

    Mega blocks sand castle was a creative idea. :) The food looks good too.

  12. Nice castle you have there. Is it Cherating sand is good to make sand castle?? Haha, we can't even get a proper bucket mould fr the sand in Langkawi.

  13. most beautiful castle i ever seen. We build very very lousy one, hahaha....

  14. I miss this place a lot, used to stay there whn I had an excursion with my colleagues when I was working in the hosp.


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