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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekend Getaway @ Cherating: Day 2

We woke up quite early at 7.30am after a good night's sleep and looked forward to our buffet breakfast. Although it was stated that children aged 4 and above were chargeable, the reception staff at the coffee house just let me in without asking daddy for payment hehe. I still got to eat for FREE!

Croissant with ketchup, anyone?

Some of the food that we ate

After breakfast, we went out for a short trip nearby. We went to the turtle sanctuary again. We also visited this place last year.

The turtle sanctuary

Turtles and cute baby turtles

Next, we went to Cherating town again to hunt for a kite. We longed for a kite because the wind at the beach was too good to not have a kite to play with. We found a reasonably priced one from a stall here...

The stall where we bought our kite from

Eager to fly our new kite, we hurried back to the hotel and headed straight to the beach to try it out... in the mid-day hot sun! On the way, we also bought some satar (grilled fish paste) for lunch.

Our new kite... we chose the same old rainbow design again but this one has more "tails" and it is much bigger than the old one

Fly, kite, fly!

Let me help you, daddy *tug tug*

Pose-pose a bit first...

Alright, that's enough... let's go back to the room now... (Noticed how big the kite is?)

We had another simple lunch of satar, bread, milk, fruits and tidbits in the room.

The very yummy satar ikan... but I didn't quite like it and took only 2 miserable bites

I love turtles! Mummy also bought me a little turtle from the stall where we bought the kite

After lunch, it was swimming time! For the very first time in my life, I went for a dip in the sea.

It's coming, daddy... it's coming!!! (I was afraid of the big waves)


5 minutes later... Scared? Who's scared? Scared of what?

From sea to swimming pool

I took a long nap after swimming. Later in the evening, we went for a mini tour and experienced something really magical and unforgettable!

To be continued...


  1. The satar ikan looks delicious ! Can't wait to read more about the magical and unforgettable mini tour!!

  2. haha croissant with ketchup what a special taste you have. Oh ya I like the kite too, so many tails and nice to see when it fly in the sky.

  3. Croissant with ketchup, hmmm... Aunty Yvonne is not so adventurous though.

    The baby turtles are really cute indeed. I've never got the chance to see any turtle during my trip to Redang last time :( They said we might bump into turtles while snookling, unfortunately not my luck.

  4. i like this hotel in kuatan. it's a nice place.

  5. ahh...the beach is lovely! can't wait to read what comes next :D

  6. Such awesome gateaway, the soft toy turtle is sure cute!^^

  7. seems that u guys went for an adventurous trip**jeles mode** LOL!!


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