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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Aus-some Holiday!

We have just returned from a fabulous 7D6N holiday in Melbourne, Australia. I had no problem waking up as usual at 7am to go to school today although we came back rather late in the evening yesterday.

Daddy and mummy actually planned this trip (booked our air tickets) early this year, taking advantage of the long Merdeka-Raya holidays to minimize taking annual leaves (for daddy) and skipping school (for me).

Here's a summary of our holiday:

- We stayed in Mei yi-yi's (mummy's cousin) warm and cosy house throughout our stay in Melbourne and we were given first class hospitality by Mei yi-yi and her family (Uncle David and cousins Nathan & Alyssa).  
- The weather was exceptionally good... no rain (only light drizzle in Philip Island) and no chilly winds with temperatures soaring as high as 20C in the day, and dipping to as low as 5C at night/early morning. We arrived on the very first day of spring!
- We had 2 family gatherings with relatives living in Melbourne and feasted to our hearts' content.
- We enjoyed visiting places of interest in and around Melbourne, thanks to Mei yi-yi and Aunty Becky (also mummy's cousin) who tirelessly drove us around. 
- Mummy and daddy brought along 2 cameras with them and snapped a combined total of more than 2000 photos in this whole trip.
- This was my longest holiday so far (in terms of duration) and it was also my first long-haul flight. 
- I loved and enjoyed this trip so much that I cried on the morning of our departure. I missed playing with my cousins the most. 

Some photos of our flight on the first day...

My very first time on board Air Asia (but my 3rd flying experience)

Not as bad as we had anticipated... the seats were quite comfortable after all

View from the plane... flying over the exotic island of Bali and that's the volcanic mountain that the captain told us to look out for

Daddy rented a PSP to keep me occupied but guess who ended up hogging it? Daddy, of course haha!

My kiddy meal. Frankly speaking, the meals on AA were pathetic and meagre. They even ran out of hot meals (except for instant cup noodles that we did not want to eat). With only one allocated meal each (portion was tiny!), poor us flew 7.5 hours in hunger and snacked only on some biscuits and fruits that we brought from home :(

We landed in Melbourne airport at 11.30pm... we did nothing on the first day but went home to eat and sleep

Famished! Luckily Mei yiyi already cooked us supper... delicious fried noodles and a pot of hot soup to fill up our empty tummies and warm us up just before bedtime. 

To be continued...


  1. Welcome back!!

    You're luckier as the weather becaming better! =)

    Looking forward to read more about the trip, I'm compiling mine too at the same time ;)

  2. nice! how i wish i have someone in Melbourne that i can put up with.. :)

  3. Wow...what a wonderful trip you all had! Did Chloe sleep on the plane? Gwen sat on the plane many times but still she couldn't sit still.

    Looking forward to your next post about Melbourne. :)

  4. I've read reviews on how bad the food AA is serving .... 7 hours in hunger, can causes foul mood.

    Am looking forward for more pictures of Chloe and the trip :D

  5. I love the 3rd picture of blue sky the most. Chloe's Mei Yi Yi is such a nice host, getting ready hot steaming supper for Chloe. Nice update.

  6. Awww, Melbourne, a place auntie always dreamt to go again. Looking forward to see more photos and your story in Melbourne.

  7. Glad you enjoyed your holidays in Melbourne. One of my favourite cities in Australia, after Sydney of course.

  8. in Melbourne. Can't wait to

  9. I was checking your blog almost everyday to get your new update fr ur trip, and finally you are are back and awesome trip you all had!! Can't wait to see more pics!! The third pic is really nice!

  10. You are very lucky girl that your parent take you to a lovely city.

    Uncle like me never travel to this city until now.

    Have you said thank you to your parent?

  11. cant wait for the next post..more pic ya :)

  12. Wow, nice traveling to Melbourne!More photos ya...


  13. wow, what an aus-some holiday u have here .... can't wait for more nice pictures :)

  14. wow...really an awesome holidays! Lucky to have relatives overseas...can go and tumpang ya. haha.... looking forward to read more...

  15. 6 months finally came, ya? You were blessed with great weather for early spring! How lucky and so so nice of your cousin. Such great hospitality indeed. Bet Chloe had a really great time with the penguins! Can't wait to read more of your exciting holiday!

  16. agreed. your daughter is very lucky. put up more pics yeah

  17. Oh dear... thanks for the reminder, we shall nvr take Air Asia if planned for any oversea vacation. Poor Chloe, must be drop dead hungry after starved for hours...very thoughtful of Mei Yi Yi!

  18. What terrible hospitality in the long-haul plane. Luckily got 1st class hospitality in Melb. :)
    Can't wait to read more.

  19. Oh dear starving on board huh. Luckily nice supper served in hot by Mei Yi Yi.

  20. Nice seat.. did you upgrade on the seats?

  21. CH Voon: Yes, she always says thank you to daddy and mummy... even after eating the dinner that mummy has cooked :)

    P n p mum: No, we didn't upgrade the seats... just normal ones only. Not bad, huh? :)


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