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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Neighbourhood Walk and Collingwood Children's Farm

Mummy forgot to mention that I have been an excellent little traveller throughout our brief stay abroad. When it was time to eat, I ate well. I was not picky. When it was time to sleep, I slept well. The 2-hour time difference did not affect me at all. When it was time to walk (we walked quite a lot during sight-seeing), I walked without much fuss except for one or two occasions where I was totally exhausted and requested to be carried. Overall, I was very obedient and behaved very well. It was a 100% fuss-free holiday for all of us :)

On the morning of our first day (the day before not counted), we spent some time "exploring" Mei yiyi's backyard while enjoying the cool, fresh air. Mei yiyi showed us her apple tree, orange tree and a few other fruit trees (forgot what fruit). Unfortunately, we were there too early and all the trees were still botak.
Picking dandelions in the backyard and blowing them... I simply loved doing this!
We then took a morning walk around the neighbourhood. Pretty flowers were blooming everywhere. Uncle David was at work while Nathan was at school so joining us on today's outing was just Mei yiyi and Alyssa.

Isn't this flower pretty? We were told that these pretty flowers were actually weeds! No wonder Alyssa was happily picking them and I just played the role of a copycat hehe...

A very relaxing morning walk

Can you spot the bumblebee?

Playground! Luckily Alyssa and I share the same "passion" for playgrounds :)
Later, we went out to a nearby town for Vietnamese lunch. 

Steamed rice rolls with pork, prawn and veggies

Fishball pho that I shared with mummy (the portion was huge!)

Daddy's rice noodles with BBQ pork (tastes like satay)
After lunch, we headed to the Collingwood Children's Farm where I had a good time chasing the farm animals and touching them.

Never been on a farm before...

Bonding with the goats... Mummy was very surprised that I wasn't afraid of the animals at all. I kept touching and stroking every one of them!

"Wild goose chase"

Sheep-patting... this sheep was so fat and heavy that it just sat on the same spot for a very long time without moving!


Munching on a strawberry... we also had a little picnic (afternoon snack) under a big tree

Alyssa and I (she's only a year younger)

Can you see me brushing the cow's fur? The cow was GIGANTIC! Noticed that it's almost as tall as the people around it?

I even tried milking a cow! I refused to do it at first but daddy and mummy kept "pushing" me to do it because I will never get the chance to do this back home....

Some of the animals in the farm
After the farm visit, we headed home so that the ladies could cook dinner for us. Mei yiyi is a very good cook! She cooked us a scrumptious meal of (some already prepared earlier)...

Pan-seared salmon with teriyaki sauce, mixed vegetables, braised chicken, zucchini omelette and a big pot of chicken soup with pumpkin, carrot, celery (not in pic)
They were all very delicious and according to daddy, this was the best dinner in our whole the trip... the joy and warmth of two families enjoying a homecooked meal together :) After dinner, I stayed home and played with Nathan and Alyssa while daddy and mummy went out for a while. They went on a shopping frenzy at Coles, a local supermarket!


  1. Wat a great experience at the farm. So many animals roam freely there. Wonder how it feels like to milk a cow.
    And can c that Mei yiyi is a vy good cook.

  2. The flower picture with a bumble bee is awesome, beautifully captured!

    Wht a wonderful farm experience Chloe had, soon she can write a diary abt her travels!

  3. Your holiday sounded so relax and nice. Chloe is such a good girl, thumbs up.

  4. I like the fat lazy sheep, lol! So fluffy and seems like nice to cuddle.

    Chloe and family were very well fed at Mei yiyi's house. Look at those homecooked food, delicious! Em, the mixed vege reminds me of soury 'chay bouy', yummy~

  5. Lovely holiday photos...Chloe looks like she had a wonderful time. The best thing about Australia for kids definitely has to be the farm experience for the kids :)

  6. such good experience milking the cow :)

  7. i want to milk the cow too...because i love fresh milk! hahaha.... Such a great experience.....

  8. The weather was so nice and beautiful~

    And that was a real fat sheep!! :P

  9. Nice farm experience. Good that invest a good camera to snap nice photos haha. Oh chasing the wild goose or chasing by the wild goose haha

  10. Such a wonderful children farm!~

  11. Chloe is such a good girl. *thumbs up* Wow...good shot of the bees and flowers. Such a wonderful experience for Chloe visiting the farm. The fat sheep is so cute. Mei yiyi's home-cooked dishes looks so yummy.

  12. so after this trip, did think of moving there or not ???!!!

  13. many animals..surely Chloe had a high time with them.
    Coles..a very familiar name to auntie. One of my best places to visit almost everyday. :)

  14. The bumblebee pic is well snap! So nice to visit the farm ya! Look at all the animals, all well feed, all besar besar :)

  15. The Collingwood farm is such a nice place to visit. What an awesome experience milking the cow!

  16. Hey you are such a brave girl to go near those animals, even game enough to milk a cow! My Vic wouldn't even do that.... Hahahah. Enjoyed reading your post...

  17. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. u milked the cow! @_@

    I wont dare to do it!!

  18. omg......i dun even dare to go near the cow, wat's more milking it.**faint**


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