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Saturday, October 29, 2011

2nd Parents-Teacher Conference

First of all, Miss S (my class teacher) mentioned that my social skills have improved a bit. She noticed that although I do attempt to be friendly towards the teachers, I still make minimal conversation with them. However, I am okay with my peers. I appear to be very chatty and playful when I am with my friends. She even mentioned Aaron's name in my report card, saying that I get very "hyper" whenever I am playing with him! *mummy rolls eyes*

As for my studies, I am still above the rest in class (quoting Miss S's remark in my report card). I am able to do all my school work independently. I am quite advanced in Maths and Reading (English). I told one of my friends that our reading book (Book 2) is too simple and boring. I can read everything in it from cover to cover even before it is taught in class! Little did I know that this friend of mine actually "reported" my comment to Miss S haha.

Miss S also mentioned that I have improved a lot in my Bahasa Malaysia. I am able to read and understand simple sentences now. In the first semester, I was still struggling a bit with my sukukata (due to confusion between English phonics).

My statistics... I think my attendance is quite good... I was only absent for 7 days in the whole academic year (3 of the days were because I ponteng-ed to go to Cherating and Melbourne) 

Next year, I will be joining the K2 Mandarin where all the subjects (except for English and BM) will be taught in Mandarin. According to my Mandarin teacher, there will be a lot of reading and writing to do. I better brush up on my spoken Mandarin lest I get lost or left behind in class!


  1. in such a short span of time, chloe has improved so much. She is indeed an intelligent girl. Gwen is almost at the bottom of her class. Her teacher still complains that she finishes her work slow. *sigh*

    I think Chloe has no problem adapting in K2 mandarin class coz she is a fast learner.

    P/S: Can Chloe speak Mandarin?

  2. way to go Chleo! Keep up the good work. Hmmm...must be all the hard work that mummy had pour in teaching your to do homework and cooking healthy food for you

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  4. How's she coping with Mandarin??? I'm beginning to get worried. P will attend K1 Mandarin next yr!!

  5. Chloe is definitely tall and growing up well. Look at her height and weight are both greater than my 5 years old.

  6. Bravo, Chloe! Getting good remarks from Ms.S means that Chloe shouldn't have any problem coping with Mandarin class next year :D

    Keep it up~

  7. Gambateh, Chloe!
    You have progressed well, your parents must feel very proud of you. Keep this up.

  8. Nod nod, mandarin is getting important nowadays, hope Chloe will fall in love with it next year!

    My anak'sparent teacher meeting will be held on the 16th... so gan Jeong!>_<

  9. Oh K2 in Mandarin language, then she might no problem when enter Stand 1. I still worry about my C's Mandarin, her Chinese is weak.

  10. Even Ethel is struggling with the suku kata...gambateh!!!

  11. Well done! *hugs* Keep up the good work!! :)

  12. Well done, Chloe! No wonder u love doing workbooks on ur own -- those taught in sch r too simple for u. Keep up the good work n I'm sure u'll do great with Chn medium next yr.

  13. well done Chloe ! With your mummy's guidance, you can sure read very well.


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