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Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Sweet Treats

I just love it everytime daddy comes home from work and says "I have something for you". This would send me running to him eagerly with both my hands cupped while daddy rummages his backpack for the little goodies that he has brought home for me.

More... more... more... just hearing the sound of the rustling plastic wrappers excites me!

Thanks to daddy's very generous visiting colleagues from abroad and colleagues who have just returned from business trips abroad, he never fails to receive something from them. Here is Part 2 of our collection... (Part 1 is here).

The most common goodies are chocolates from the U.S.

Fruit strips from the U.S

More chocolates from the U.S

Durian chips and durian egg rolls from Bangkok

Goodies from Japan and U.S

Snacks from Japan... scallop and black sesame rice craker

More chocolates!!

A big bar of chocolate from Australia (the Astro remote control is for size comparison)

Once, he also came back with a bag of goodies... (from a hamper that daddy's team had won in a team-building activity)

Junkies! Somebody was very, very happy that night haha! (somebody who's very deprived of junk food, of course :p)

Since daddy usually comes home when I am having my dinner, these sweets often become my motivation to finish dinner fast! :)


  1. Mmmm....Rocky Road and Baby Ruth are good!!! Chloe allowed to eat them all?

  2. Chloe, can I have some please? Hehe :P

  3. mtc: Not all, of course :) We usually share it or keep some in the fridge.

    Hayley: Can... but most of them are already gone and digested long ago hehe :p

  4. OMG....all the sweeties,tell me who is not tempted.

  5. walau...!! I'll be your best friend if u'll share them with me?! :p

  6. Wow!! chocolates!! Aunty here is huge fan of chocolates~

    Chloe's daddy's colleagues are so thoughtful. They got so many snacks and foods back :)

  7. wow...chocolates.. Chloe must be very very happy with all those sweeties. But make sure to drink a lot of water..

  8. So many goodies! Those from the US look so good. So nice of your daddy's working friends.

  9. Daddy's colleagues are so nice. :) I have collected so much junk food from events/birthday parties held at Gwen's school. I kept them away in the cupboard or fridge. Surprisingly Gwen never asks for the snacks.

    But the ones Chloe's has are all good stuff lah. I think I will eat it all up! hahaha..

  10. haha daddy like Santa, always giving you surprise.

  11. Wow....* jaw drop, tht's lot of chocolates frm papa's colleagues! They are sure generous and thoughtful!

  12. Chloe is such a lucky gal. She will never be short of chocolates and goodies! Would you mind adopting me, HL? I do have a sweet tooth, if you remember! hehe.

  13. That are a awful lot of candies there. Chloe must a in cloud 9 hehe. She doesn't need to eat so many sweets for she is a sweetie herself! :D Give her a big bear hug for me would you? Tell her this is from a yellow skin chinese speaking Quay Po Aunty.

  14. Oy yummy. That is sure a lot of treat for the whole family. Can last for a year. :p

  15. This amount can certainly last for your whole November and Decemeber holidays.

  16. The Choc bar is really huge!I never seen such a long and big choc.


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