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Monday, October 10, 2011

Books for the Bookworms

Both daddy and I are bookworms. I simply LOVE reading! Reading is the first thing I do in the morning and reading is also the last thing I do every night just before going to bed.

Last Saturday, on our way back to Seremban, daddy and mummy decided to make a quick stop at the MAEPS in Serdang to grab a few books at the Big Bad Wolf Sales. With 1.5 million books on offer, the BBW Sales is said to be the biggest book sales in the world!

*Gasp* Looooooooong queue just to get in... we were halfway to the entrance from here

Once in, we saw only two things there... books and people!

Mummy and I spent most of the time browsing at the children's section where I picked most of my own books 

While queuing at the check out counter, I saw this bank mascot and got excited... I wanted to have a photo taken with it

Well, 3 hours+ later and RM298 poorer, we were seen lugging 47 books in 4 bags... so much for a quick stop just to grab a few books hehehe! Our trip back to Seremban was further delayed by a massive jam on the KL-S'ban highway so guess what? We only had our lunch at 5pm!

Our stash... the left pile is daddy's while the right pile is mine (a few more not in this picture as they have already been given away as gifts)

RM5, RM8 and RM10 books

Some of the babyish books (Kipper and Noddy camera book) that I insisted on having

Only RM3 each!

Besides books, mummy also bought me this Hello Kitty bracelet kit (RM8)

The inside... an instruction booklet and some cute HK beads. Love those cute beads! <3 

Do I like my books? Well, let's just put it this way... I read half of them on the very first day itself and the following day, I finished reading all of them from cover to cover :)


  1. BBW is having agreat sales rite...can't wait Chloe wearing the hello kitty bracelet..

  2. Wah spend a lot. Happy reading ya.

  3. We went on Sunday but we dont need to queue before entering. Not much children books left when we were there.

  4. What a steal.. I think 47 books for that price is worth!

  5. so many books!!! it's good that Chloe loves to read. Now i can't wait to go on the last day. probably have to camp outside and wait for the door to open :P

  6. It's a steal! The books are crazily cheap. Too bad we stay so far-far away. My girl would love those babyish books, just like Chloe.

  7. I was there on Sat too! But in the afternoon so I guess you must have left.
    After looking at your loot, I feel soooooo tempted to go again.

  8. I guess its worth for RM200++ damage and you gets to have so many reads to read.

  9. Wah...the queue is quite long. Can't believe you ended buying so many books..haha. The HK bracelet kit is very cute.

  10. Wah....everyone is talking about this BBW book sales.

  11. hey since u love books u shld go check out the bookshop on a ship! it's now onshore at port klang... Logos Hope. See some pics here:


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