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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

While I Was Sick...

- I missed a mini family gathering (with mummy's cousins) and did not get to play with my cousins ZK, ZW, Leanne and Timmy from Singapore.

- I practiced very good self-control and stayed away from food that I knew I was not supposed to eat, even though mummy did not stop me. She even offered me a papadom when she was having her vegetarian banana leaf rice (she had forgotten about my condition) but I declined and said "sick cannot eat this".

- I was dragged to 1 Utama for a half-day shopping outing (on Saturday afternoon) even though I was sick. I told you, mummy is BAD! Because I was not feeling well, my refusal to walk was understandable so mummy suggested using the stroller... yes, my baby stroller, which has been sitting in daddy's car, unused and untouched since almost a year ago! I missed my stroller very much so I agreed to sit on it...

The stroller is still able to support this overgrown baby. It did not collapse or fall apart hehe :p 

And then the most embarrassing thing happened! We bumped into Aaron (my classmate and best friend). Gosh, I was so, so embarrassed (to be caught sitting in a baby stroller) that I didn't quite dare to look at him haha!

- I enjoyed eating my antibiotic (the white and fruity-flavoured Augmentin) and told mummy that "it's kinda yummy" *mummy rolls eyes*

- I recuperated really fast and got well in just 2 days. I fell ill on Friday night and by Sunday night, I had fully recovered. I also went to school on Monday the following day :)


  1. haha she love the antibiotic. Mostly those antibiotic taste awful.

  2. may you be in pink of health always!:)

  3. Wah...the stroller is still kept in the car boot after all these years ah..hehe. I saw kids older than 5 still sitting in the stroller's ok Chloe dont be embarassed. :)

  4. Wah! What a big baby in the stroller! hehehe. Well, tell Chloe it really is alright...tell her, it's a privilege to be strolled around once in a while, a nice change then having to walk...You know what? When my boy was 3, his kindy teacher kept drilling into their heads that they need to walk, cannot sit in stroller. I told him "that's nonsense"....hehehe. Can't survive without the stroller. He ended up sitting there till 4+ or was it 5? hehehehe.

  5. I guess the Antibiotic must be fruity n sweet......

  6. Ha..that is a valid reason why kids like antibiotic and don't mind to fall sick.

  7. Hope Chloe has fully recovered by the time I type this comments. LOL, no worries, Juan Juan still using her buggy... occasionally.

  8. haha...Aaron will always remember you. Glad that Chloe had recovered.

  9. She's such a good girl, with vy good self-discipline.


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