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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CNY 2012

This year's CNY was just as ordinary as any other day. We did not do anything interesting or exciting and spent most of our days sitting at home. Here are some of the highlights...

1. The celebration started with a reunion dinner in Mah-mah's house on CNY eve. This year, Mah-mah cooked only 1 dish and the rest were contributed by the family (potluck). For the very first time in history, our reunion dinner was pork-free. There was no sight of the usual roasted pork and chicken dish. All of us decided to focus more on healthy, less-meat meals this year.

2. On the 1st day of CNY, we spent the whole day playing and snacking in Mah-mah's house... from morning until night. I brought along a big bag of toys and games from home to keep boredom at bay.

3. On the 2nd day of CNY, we had another round of family lunch (hoi nin) in Mah-mah's house. It was hoi-nin with a twist... we had a western fare of spaghetti carbonara, chicken schnitzel, salad, vegetable fish cakes and apple crumble for dessert.

4. On the evening of the 2nd day, we had a family gathering in Koo-Kong's house (mummy's 3rd Kau-foo). I met many of my cousins, including those who returned for their annual holidays from Australia.

5. Mummy and I "abandoned" daddy (cos he had to return to work on the 3rd day of CNY) and left for Seremban for a 5-day stay in Ah Ma's house. I had a great holiday and enjoyed spending time with Gung-gung, who played with me and kept me occupied for the whole 5 days we were there. Kau-foo also pampered me by buying me lots of toys.

6. Finally paid Auntie Shellie a long-overdue visit. Auntie Shellie is one of mummy's oldest and bestest buddies of nearly 30 years. We were supposed to visit her after she had baby Abbygail last year. Now, baby Abbygail is already 9 months old!

And now, the pics...

Last year and this year... I could still fit into my pink cheongsam (although it's a bit shorter now) so I wore it to my kindergarten's CNY celebration just before the school holidays started

Reunion dinner at Mah-mah's... ooh, I just can't wait! I love tossing the yee-sang.

Our dinner... homemade yee-sang, prawns, ikan gerang asam, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, fresh tofu with dried shrimps (x2), steamed dumplings with special sauce, fruit platter and chocolate cuppies

Dinner at Koo-kong's house... trying to get close to cousin Pei Wen (from Melbourne). I've always wanted to hold and carry a real baby.

Dinner with the kids at the "kiddy table"

Our dinner at Koo-kong's house... waxed-meat rice, steamed patin fish (x3), mixed vegetables (sei dai tin wong), mixed vegetables (lo hon zai), fried prawns and braised pig trotters

We had yee sang too. The only thing I like about yee-sang is the crisps... and 4th Yee Poh prepared this yee-sang with a generous heap of crisps! I loved it!

With 5th Yee Poh and the kids... Nathan and Alyssa are back from Melbourne too 

Playing "pop-pop" with some of the boys (daddy included haha) in Auntie Shellie's house

With cute lil' Abbygail... although meeting for the first time, we were equally thrilled to see each other hehe. 

Fireworks galore... every night without fail (for 15 days), we get to watch fireworks (some really spectacular, others ordinary) from our living room


  1. Good idea of potluck, at least no need to get stuck inside kitchen for hours to prepare a meal for the whole big family.

    We had simple reunion dinner only, as my SIL and family didn't come back during CNY.

  2. happy chinese new year! wow can see fireworks from house...that's good

  3. Hey you also have a very happening CNY too. Chole looks so sweet with her pinky cheongsam. Love your koo kong's house food especially patin fish. And also 4th aunt Yee Sang, is it homemade by her? looks yummy.

  4. The cheongsam looks good on you, Chloe. Still as sweet as the previous year.

  5. wow, so much good food! now i miss having the cny spread though it's not doing any good to my waistline :)

  6. The foods all looks super yummy.....

    Love the last pic......fireworks here n there.

  7. Love those food pics! I love a relax/lazy CNY, only food & gathering of family & friends :-)

  8. dear Chloe must have had lots of fun playing with cousins and families during CNY ya...u look so pretty in that cheong sam la :)

  9. Wht could b better thn spending CNY with great family member! Happy belated CNY!

    p/s: Chloe looks more matured w spec!

  10. many types of food. I wish to have all those.

  11. I like the idea of having western food during the Chinese New Year.

    Chloe like to Lou Sang yea? Sarah pulak, she looked shock when the we shouted out "Lou Sang"!


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