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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I Say

Which Is More Important?
After being told by mummy for the umpteenth time to do my writing (Chinese homework) and put away my play tent (because she wanted to mop the floor), I finally moved my butt and proceeded with my writing first. It was then mummy started her usual nagging...
Mummy: I told you to keep the tent... bla bla bla... how many times must I tell you... bla bla bla... do you ever listen... bla bla bla...
Me: But writing is more important ok!

Setting my priorities right... homework first!

It's the Prunes!
I usually move my bowel every alternate days. Sometimes, I will poop daily but twice a day is definitely rare, which was what happened one day...
Mummy: Eh, how come you poo-poo twice today? What did you eat?
Me: I think it must be the prunes.
Mummy: But you didn't eat any prunes today, did you? You also didn't eat any yesterday, right?
Me: But I did last time... long ago!

Her Black Stuff
I always help mummy at the check-out counter at supermarkets. While helping to unload things from the shopping trolley to the cashier counter, I pushed all the fruits to one side, shook my head and mumbled "You and all your black-black stuff!"

Mummy wasn't aware that she has chosen all the dark-coloured fruits... grapes, plums, cherries and blueberries and I was quick to point that out to her haha.

Beauty Spots
I have tiny little "white heads" on my face occasionally and mummy likes to pinch them to remove them. Every time she does that, I will protest (cos it's painful!). Mummy still does the pinching despite my repeated protest so one day, I came up with a new excuse...
Me: Don't remove it! It's my beauty spot!
Mummy: LOL!

Can you spot my "beauty spot"?

Singing Da Ca
Mummy was happily singing one of the songs from my JMC CD when I interrupted her one day...
Me: Mummy, you sing da ca!
Mummy: Huh??
Me: You sing da ca la. Da ca means wrong (putting a cross in Mandarin). You sing wrong!


  1. Chloe has very long and beautiful eye lashes~

  2. ha ha, cute......

    Wah, go camping in the!

  3. LOL! The last one, da ca is cute!

  4. hahaha..she's a funny gal. how come she has the beauty spots eh?

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you and your family HweiLi :)

  5. so young little girl got 'white head' ! funny of her.

    Gong Xi Fat Cai to you and your family! Enjoy!

  6. Sing da ca is very funny, but surprise at her using that to tell you it is wrong.

  7. The 'singing Da Ca' part is very funny!!

  8. Yeah pls don't pinch the cute & tiny beauty spot, it's painful... Happy Chinese New Year to you & to your family :-)

  9. hahaha writing is more important, very good excuse! Oh the white heads should be children milia.

  10. Chloe has grown so much! And she can answer back so smartly too.


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