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Friday, April 27, 2012


It's my kindergarten's Theme Day again today and the theme for my K2 class is "Animals on Land". For days, I couldn't decide which animal I wanted to be. First, I wanted to be a dog. Then it was a giraffe and then a mouse and dunno what else ... I kept changing my mind so mummy gave me a suggestion. She said "Just be yourself and tell teacher that you are a monkey" :p

Finally, I made up my mind and told mummy that I wanted to be a cat. Meow! As usual, we did not prepare anything until the very last minute. 5 minutes was all it took for mummy to come up with a pair of cat ears and a curly tail (peeled from a kitchen towel roll).

With zero face-painting and make-up skill, she managed to make me look somewhat like a cat, with one of her expired-long-ago make-up tool (a new and unused Estee Lauder eyebrow pencil that she got as a free gift more than a decade ago!)...

Happy cat

Angry cat!

Copy cat (pretending to be cat) purr, purr... 


  1. Good morning purr Chloe cat! Meow! Wah, mummy is a good artist...

  2. Mummy is very creative too. The cat ears and cat tail are very real. The cat face makeup is also not bad.

  3. This little kitty is so cute! Mommy is very creative :)

  4. a very cute cat...caught any fish?

  5. Ooh..she looks so adorable. A very pretty meow meow.

  6. She is really cute with the kitty ears! ROFTL at the 'Monkey' sentiment!

  7. Chloe's kindy is so interesting. Always have nice activity for the kids + parents.

    That's a very pretty cat !

  8. Ok mah...she really looked like a cat...meow!


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