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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sports Carnival at Sunway Lagoon - Part 2

After the Sports Carnival ended at noon, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Wildlife Interactive Zoo and Amusement Park in Sunway Lagoon. This was the first time I spent a day at a theme park with my friends.

This was my very first visit to the Sunway Wildlife Interactive Zoo

The 3 little musketeers... with my friends Aaron and Debora

We saw many small animals from rodents to primates, birds, reptiles, deer, tapir etc....

... as well as some large, wild and ferocious animals like crocodiles, puma and tigers 

Rabbits were about the only animals that we could touch here

At the fish pond

We also went on quite a number of rides in the amusement park. There was no crowd so we did not have to queue up for most of the rides here. We went on each of the rides at least twice.

Apache Pots, the spinning cups...

This "shoe ride" (Butch Cassidy Trail) was my favourite! 

BFF... Debora and I on the Wagon Wheel (ferris wheel)

The Vultures... I loved this ride too

The Carousel

Clowning around...

Ice-cream time!

The Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

I was not scared at all but Debora was. I held her hand and tried my best to make her feel secure... how sweet!


After spending about 12 hours in Sunway (including dinner in Sunway Pyramid), we finally felt tired enough to leave for home. Oh what a day!


  1. Kids sure love Sunway Lagoon, don't they!

    Have a great Sunday ya!

  2. nice pix

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  3. Part 2 also. Wah 12 hours in Sunway is really tiring. Don't Gwen could last that long there...haha..she will be asking Papa to carry her.

    Looks like the kids had an awesome time. They do look a bit tan from the pics.

  4. Wow first was the sport carnival, now another outing with friends at Sunway Lagoon. You must be enjoying...

  5. Wow, sport carnival in Sunway Petting Zoo, tht's luscious! The kids sure had an awesome day out!

  6. Wah...mesti penat gila by the end of the day!

  7. we love sunway lagoon...but the tix too pricey. haha.... such a nice outing.


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