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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Road Trip to JB - Day 1: Zenxin Organic Park

7-9th October saw us on a mini road trip to Johor. It was a fun-filled 3D2N trip that we went with Koo-koo and Koo-jeong. Our journey began on a sunny Sunday morning of 7th Oct.

First stop: Brunch in Seremban. We had noodles and cendol. Our next stop was all the way down south to the Zenxin Organic Park near Kluang.

Before proceeding to the farm activities, we had lunch in their cafe first. The food here was not bad and prices were very reasonable too.

Mummy and I shared this large plate of organic noodles

Daddy's Marmite chicken rice set... I liked this more cos it was very yummy!

Koo-koo and Koo-jeong shared this plate of nasi goreng kampung (we all shared food because too much snacking in the car spoiled our appetite hehe)

Fresh organic fruit juices... dragonfruit float (with vanilla ice cream) and honey mulberry

Koo-jeong bought a lot of stuff from the organic mart there and "earned" 4 free adult entrances (worth RM10 each) to the organic park. Daddy only needed to pay RM8 for me to get in.

Our very first visit to an organic farm

Covered walkways gave us the much needed shade all along the designated path (pic by Koo-koo)

My first time seeing an actual dragon fruit plant

A dragon fruit in the making (Pic by Koo-koo)

Here we go round the mulberry bush...

If not for the "Strictly No Picking" signboards placed all over the park, mummy would have popped these into her mouth haha... no la, just kidding!

Can you see the durians up there?

What we saw in the "dark room"... white oyster mushrooms and black jelly mushrooms

Okras/lady's fingers pointing to the skies

I was also given a packet of animal food pellets upon entrance so when we reached this rabbit enclosure, I was thrilled!

Swarmed by hungry rabbits! 

These rabbits were rather aggressive and they behaved like they haven't eaten in days. When we did not feed them fast enough, they gnawed on (probably trying to eat) daddy's sandals hahaha!

At the fish pond, I was given a small pail and a net... the auntie said I could catch as many fish as I liked (but I had to return them to this pond before leaving)

Hundreds of them in this pond... easy peasy la. I spent all my time here scooping nothing. Mummy also tried for 5 minutes and the pail remained empty :( Daddy tried too. He tried and tried and scooped and scooped until...

... this teeny-weeny fish accidentally swam into the net! This was it. We spent almost 30 mins here and this was the only fish that we caught *embarrassing*  Catching them was definitely not easy!

At the end of the farm visit, I was given a free popsicle. Overall, this was quite an enjoyable and educational activity for me.

We continued our journey to JB... Skudai to be exact, because that's where our hotel was located. We stayed in Here Hotel, a budget hotel that daddy booked online.

Where are we staying again? Here, right Here!

The rooms were very basic but clean and pleasant enough for a comfortable stay :)

We headed to Gelang Patah for dinner (Restoran Chua Kee) - chicken wings, vege, steamed fish and black pepper crabs


  1. Nice trip to the farm. I thought daddy & mommy bring you to Legoland. The hotel room look really clean and comfy. Never go to the Kluang Railway Station? We are talking about this yesterday. But seen very far journey from the highway, it take 1 hour drive to reach the station.

    1. Kluang town was not part of our itinerary ma. Actually this organic farm trip was also to "fill up" our time only...

  2. Did they allow you to buy the organic produce??

    Vicky, I think her next post will be on Legoland.

    1. Of course! They have an organic mart there but the fruits and veggies are not cheap lor... same price as those sold in Jusco over here.

      Hey, you are so clever and you know us so well :p

  3. nice park .... so many rabbits, my boys will love it . thanks for sharing .

  4. Chloe skipped school on Monday ?

    Those rabbits were so friendly. I will be afraid if they rush over towards me. hahaah....I'm very timid.

    1. Yes, Chloe ponteng-ed school on Mon & Tue... her first time ponteng school for this year hehe :p The rabbits were not friendly la... very fierce, bite people one!

  5. It must be a wonderful experience for you Chloe!
    Aunty never been to JB yet, too far. Imagine one North and one South, LOL!

  6. That looks like so much fun! I don't go down to JB often :(

  7. I went there before for their dragon fruit juice! Really nice. But we didn't go to the farm! Next time must try the experience.

  8. oh very nice road trip. thanks for sharing. i think i want to go too. hey, Chloe can be Cotton On Kids model huh? hahhahaa

  9. Like the room, big and clean. A nice visit to a place out of city.

    1. The room is not big... very small only! But for the price we paid, I have no complaints la :p

  10. The organic park looks good. Maybe we can consider to go there too.

  11. Sound a lil bit impossible, so many fishes but can't catch even 1.... o.O

  12. Is the Here Hotel near to the Legoland?? Looks like the room rates are very reasonable.

    1. It's about 20 minute's drive to Legoland. Not very near but not very far also la :)

  13. many budget hotels look good these days. no need to spend a fortune on 3-5 starts anymore :)

  14. It's great that u can slot in an educational visit b4 the "play" session (the next day). :) Hmmm... Here Hotel? They cannot be more creative with the name eh? hehehe


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