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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Weekend of Surprises

Last weekend, daddy and mummy surprised me with two short trips. They brought me to two "happy places" that I loved and enjoyed very much!

Surprise No. 1 took place last Friday. I went to school as usual in the morning without knowing what daddy and mummy had planned in the afternoon (they even loaded the luggage into the car while I was at school). After school, I went home for my bath and lunch. I was told to eat my lunch quickly because we were going out. I thought we were just going to a nearby mall. However, the car ride took longer than usual and I soon fell asleep in the car. When I woke up, we were already in Genting Highlands. I was very, very surprised and HAPPY!

Mid-autumn festival decor in the First World Plaza

Although I have been here many times, this was the first time we did not buy a day-pass for the amusement park (due to time constraint). I was very, very disappointed but I just kept quiet. Seeing how well I handled my disappointment, mummy decided to let me go on 2 rides of my choice (pay per ride). 

My first choice was the kiddy bumper car. Unfortunately, I have already outgrown this ride as I was "over-height" by just a few millimetres. The ride operator was very strict and refused to let me in... hmmph! I was forced to go for the adult one...

Daddy had to buy an additional ticket to accompany me

My second choice was the caterpillar monorail. Mummy accompanied me on this, and we got into a pink one!

The new Snow World... I could only watch from the outside (we did not go in)

Evening walk in the cold and misty hill resort

What prompted us here was the free 2D1N stay in the First World Hotel given to daddy on his birthday month. A free nights' stay... so why not, right? 

Our very simple and basic deluxe room
Although we did not do much here, we enjoyed the cool weather and felt happy to escape from the bad haze in the city for a day ;)

Stay tuned for Surprise No. 2!!


  1. Wow, you are a very fortunate child. Your parents are so sweet.

  2. Wah Chloe, aunty miss Genting! You're such a lucky girl ;)
    Looking forward to read bout your second surprise...

  3. ah....we could have coincide with our trip. we went on monday (8th/oct) also as bday celebration

  4. wow, another trip? how fun :) you are such a lucky little girl, Chloe :)

  5. Second surprise is in JB?? My kids just love short gateaway like this..

  6. Nice! Haven't been to genting for quite some time. Miss the cold weather there!

  7. A good short getaway and it's really surprise for her.

  8. a dream comes true for Chloe....haha

    The pay per ride very expensive hor...but once a while tutup mata.

  9. What a surprise! Chloe must be very very happy to wake up from napping, learned that she was in Genting Highland~~

    Second surprise? Still in Genting, right?

  10. How nice that Chloe got a huge surprise when waking up in the car. Chloe is so well behaved. She didn't make any fuss for just only 2 rides. Good girl.

  11. Ahh... we went up to Genting on Sunday!

  12. hubby receive the free room stay too for his birthday (although is 2 months + later >.<), still thinking wanna go or not considering the room is not very impressive :P

  13. Chloe is having so much fun. Good to go play now before going into primary school.


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