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Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Getaway in Westin KL

It is daddy and mummy's 12th wedding anniversary today (1st Oct). To celebrate their one dozen years of wedded bliss, this special day was celebrated 2 days in advance where we spent a quiet but fun-filled weekend in a hotel in the city's Golden Triangle - The Westin KL.
We are going for a hotel stay? YAAAYYYY!! I get to tag along :)

The room where we stayed for 2D1N

Right after the check-in, we treated ourselves to a sumptuous Hi-tea buffet at The Living Room (our second time dining here)

Desserts... my favourite!

My "signature muka comot" hahaha!

A live trio band serenaded us with oldies and pop songs while we enjoyed our hi-tea

Back in the room later... I couldn't stop jumping on bed *sugar rush* (I don't get to do this at home!)

I was so happy that I became a very willing model... mummy took many nice pics of me

Swimming time!

We had almost the whole pool to ourselves for a few minutes before the crowd came in

Ooooh... very cold!!

The next morning, we had buffet breakfast at The Living Room (again!) 

After checking out of the hotel, we walked over to Pavilion and Lot 10 for some shopping (and made full use of the hotel carpark where our car was parked)

When we went back to the hotel to collect our car, we also collected a complimentary cake from the hotel... a 1kg tiramisu cake... yummy! 


  1. Happy anniversary to you & yours and wishing that you both will have many, many more happy years to come! My hubs is a member of this hotel group too and we also get to stay at Westin Hotel for free once a year :)

  2. Happy Anniversary to Ruoyi's mom and dad! Oct 1 is my wedding anniversary too and our Chloe RuoYi carry the exactly SAME name as you!!! :D So ngam!

  3. Happy Anniversary to Chloe's mommy and daddy. It was a wholesome celebration and the hotel is very generous to give your parents such a yummy cakes.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you!! and may you have many many more to come.

  5. Happy 12th Anniversary. The hotel room look very cosy and comfy.

  6. Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary to your Mommy & Daddy!

  7. So nice that Chloe's parents celebrated their 12th wedding annivesary in this manner. So relax and nice to stay, swim and dine in the hotel. Chloe was so happy.

  8. Happy Anniversary.

    Uiks no more going to PGH?

  9. Happy 12th Anniversary to you and YH!

  10. Happy Anniversary to Mommy & Daddy! This hotel looks great! Comfy and Cosy!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you. Chloe is such a lucky girl who gets to stay in a hotel so often :)

  12. wah your comot face really shocked me!

  13. Happy 12th anniversary to Chloe's papa and mama!

    Tiramisu cake, yay! Auntie love all sort of cakes :)

  14. Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary to Mommy & Daddy, many many gazilion great years ahead yeah. the hotel room is awesome man!

  15. Happy anniversary to you and hubby! Chloe gets to 'tumpang' the celebration ;)

  16. Wah...hotel stay again. Happy wedding anniversary......

    I think the happiest must be Chloe. haha.....the cake looked so yummy! With fresh mango!

  17. Hah...guess what? I also bought that piece of top form Cotton.eheheh

    Happy Anniversary to mommy & daddy!

  18. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby :) You guys love to stay in hotel isn't it? Just a wild guess. Me too and I find it really is such a great idea to just get away from home and stay at somewhere nearby to celebrate our special day which makes the day really a lot more fun!

  19. Oh... tiramisu cake.... make me forgotten something...

    Happy belated Anniversary....


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