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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starting Primary 1: Delayed but Advanced

After an extended 4-month long holiday, I finally started my first day of Primary 1 in a guoji xuexiao (international school) on 18th Feb. I joined in as a new student for Semester 2. The school term here starts in August and I've already missed half a year of classes. According to my class teacher, I'm doing fine in class and do not have any difficulty catching up with my lessons. Phew!

First Day of School
Mummy did not accompany me at all (she was not encouraged to) on my first day of school and I had no qualms about going to school on my own in a school bus! I came home in the afternoon exclaiming gleefully "I love my school! It's so fun... more fun and better than kindergarten! I love it. I love going school". I went on and on, explaining how my day went at school and how much I enjoyed myself.

Surprisingly, being an extremely shy and timid person, I made friends quite easily. I already had 2 best friends on the first day... T from India and J from Korea. I sit beside J in class.

Parents-Teachers Conference
The first PTC was held just 2 weeks after school started. Ms M, my class teacher said I'm doing good in school. I am not as SLOW as daddy and mummy have perceived me to be. I write fairly fast in class and I am able to finish all my class work on time. I can even finish my meal (lunch) within 20 minutes, much to daddy and mummy's delight! Not bad for a slow eater who usually takes 1 hour to finish a meal!! Ms M also gave me an English test (to assess her existing pupils while new pupils like me are exempted) and I scored 19/20. Ms M was quite impressed :)

What Do I Study in School?
I spend 7 hours (8.30am-3.30pm) in school daily, studying the following subjects: English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics, Science, Music, Art, Physical Education, Chinese Culture, Social Study, Information and Communication Technology, Dance and Drama and Co-curricular Activities (I joined the Chinese dough-figurine making class).

Every Monday, I also learn "tai chi" in my PE class! I guess this must be a China thing hahaha... I come home with homework everyday but the amount is manageable.


  1. Glad to know Chloe is enjoying the new school.

    The uniform looks pretty nice on her.

  2. Well done Chloe. I love your school uniform. You look great.

  3. Wah, can mix and match uniform somemore. N how nice to only have 15 kids per class!

  4. Glad to know Chloe is doing well in school. Her classroom is so neat and nice. Love her school uniform..Nice!

  5. Well done, Chloe...for adapting so well to ur new school environment. Ur parents must rsllymbe proud of you.

  6. Nice update on Chloe's school. 10 outfits uniform, mind sharing all with us.

    Chloe's school is so nice. 8.30am to 3.30pm, so long hours, what doesn't Chloe's mummy do during these hours? Mind sharing with us too.

    Till then, take care and be good.

  7. Chloe is having the best educations I've always been dreaming off.....haha...

    Very nice uniforms....and good to learn tai chi. Good for health.

    Hope all of you all are coping well in Shanghai too.......

  8. very nice uniform. what a brave girl.

    Guess all this achievement the person you should thank is your Mama. hours so long...come home still have homework to do...hope Chloe dont over tired ya

  9. Wah good girl Chloe, able to make friends easily!

    Jia you jia you oo! All the best to you ya!! ^^

  10. Very nice uniform........
    Well done, Chloe...

  11. So glad to hear everything's settling down well, esp for Chloe. Amazed at her ability to adapt to the new environment - socially, academically n physically (drastic weather chg). Enjoy urselves! A lot of ppl r vy envious of ur experience. :)

  12. 10 pieces of uniforms, that's a lot! Like fashion show? haha

  13. Primary 1 already! Big girl....

    Love her uniforms!~


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