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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Big Move

(Backdated post)

We started packing up on 31st Dec 2012, just one day before our departure day. The professional movers reached our PJ home very punctually at 9am and started putting everything into boxes. They worked so fast that mummy had a hard time keeping up with them because she did not want everything shipped over. Before she could tell them not to pack a certain item i.e. family photo frames, rocking chair, some "rubbish" etc., they had all been individually wrapped and put into boxes already!

While daddy and mummy were busy supervising the movers at home, I had an enjoyable day out with Aaron (my kindy classmate and best friend) and his family. We went to Kids E World in IPC. Mummy felt very thankful for Auntie Stephanie's (Aaron's mummy) help in babysitting me the whole day while she managed the big mess at home.

We had about 40% of the household stuff in our home that we wanted to ship over and in just half a day, the efficient workers managed to pack them all up... in a total of 56 boxes altogether.

Our goods were temporarily stored in a warehouse until we have confirmed our home address in Shanghai. The sailing date began on 21st Jan from Port Klang and reached the Shanghai port on 31st Jan, after sailing across the South China Sea for 10 days. Custom clearance and routine checks took a week and we finally received our belongings, all in good condition, on 8th Feb, just two days before CNY. Mummy brought along two big crates of foodstuff and she's glad that nothing was confiscated (by the custom officers) and none of our goods was damaged.

It took daddy and mummy nearly 5 days to unpack, store and put everything neatly into place. On the first day of CNY, our home was still cluttered with the remaining half of the empty boxes along the corridor...


  1. Mummy n Daddy sure busy unpacking lot of stuffs.....
    Very cute rocking chair.

  2. half a day they kau tim...hmm..they are certainly very professional. glad your things arrived safely

  3. Glad that all your stuff arrive safely. I love that rocking chair!

  4. That's lots of boxes! But 10 days consider very fast also~

  5. I was surprised to see Chloe rocking in her rattan chair and the piano at your new home in Shanghai.

    If one day Auntie Yan goes to Shanghai, I wish to meet up with you and mummy.

  6. seeing all these boxes really bring back memories of my move from Toronto to Msia. we had to pack them ourselves though and unpack when the stuff arrived. *nightmare* your new home in Shanghai looks really nice :)

  7. oops...did my comment just go to the spam box?

    1. Not spam box la... Your comment didn't appear immediately cos I've enabled comment moderation. The last malware attack was caused by spam comments.

  8. The movers were really efficient. Your new home looks neat and beautiful. Glad to know all your stuff arrived safely. Haha..Chloe has outgrown the rocking chair already lor.

  9. wah so efficient of those professional movers huh. Wah even your Clavinova also travel miles and miles away and reach your new house. I prefer label all the boxes at least knowing what inside when searching and unpack it.

  10. Fuhhh...If I were you, I will just be sitting and staring the boxes. Don't know which to unpack first.hahahha

  11. many things to unpack.....pengsan.

  12. Oh My.. that's a lot of stuffs!


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