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Friday, March 1, 2013

Good Riddance, Malware and a Thousand Apologies!

My blog was suspected to be infected with Malware on 20/2. On the very day itself, mummy was notified by a friend but she did not do anything about it (because she did not know what to do!). She wasn't aware of the seriousness of the issue until the following day when more and more people messaged her in Facebook to report the matter to her. Someone even blogged about this... Oh dear! I got into the limelight for the wrong reason :(

Thanks to the many kind bloggers out there who gave mummy tips and information regarding the warning page that appeared, she finally got to the root of the problem and passed the rest of the job to daddy :p Daddy used his "magic fingers"... tap-tapped a bit on the iPad and the problem was fixed!!!!

Apparently, the Malware "contamination" landed in my blog through 4 spam comments in my most recent post - Our First CNY in Shanghai. These comments were not published and did not appear in the comments page. The problem was solved when that particular post was deleted. Mummy has already reported the culprits to Google. From this post onwards, comment-moderation will be enabled to prevent recurrence.

To my dear readers... if your blog was affected by the Malware warning page, please accept our sincerest apology for all the problems and inconvenience caused. A "clean bill of health" for my blog for now...


  1. thank goodness :)

    one said " 4 spam comments in my most recent post - Our First CNY in Shanghai. These comments were not published and did not appear in the comments page." . if the comments not published then how does it contaminated your blog? Where did you find the 4 comments? In SPAM folder? Pls share coz I wanna know just in case similar thing happen to my blog.

    How did you clean up ya? :p

    thank you thank you :)

  2. First you have to verify that you are the owner of your blog to Google. This is done by uploading a HTML file to your blog. Then go to Webmaster Tools and ask for a site review. Here, they will let you know your blog's "health status". My blog status was not good and clean up action was required. They will show you the source of the problem, including all the "hidden things" and where they are located. From here, you decide what to do lor. Since they already told me the virus is in that particular post, it's best that I delete it to solve the problem.

  3. My blog was infected with Malware too! I din know what to do too.............Now, i'm also not sure if my blog is clean or not................I think i have to use that comment-moderation for my blog coz i received a lot a lot of anonymous comments

  4. This is complicated.. Glad you solved the issue already!


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