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Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Evening at The Bund

We went to The Bund again some time back, on the same day that we visited Yu Yuan Garden. Surprisingly, it was ME who asked to go there again and when asked why, I simply replied "just to lepak la" :) 

The last time we came here, it was still in the middle of winter and the freezing cold drove us away even before the sky turned dark. This time, we stayed around until all the buildings were brightly lit up. We bought our favourite street snack and "lepak-ed" there until daddy managed to capture some nice photos of the place. 

The main view at the Bund is the Lujiazui Business District. During the day, there is nothing special about this place....

... But when the buildings start lighting up one by one, the place comes to life.

Some spring blossoms at our sitting area (a long, elevated wooden deck)

Our favourite street snack... Sweet and delicious roasted sweet potatoes. It's so aromatic that you can smell it from a mile away! 

The massive Saturday crowd on one side of the Bund...

... and the quieter side on the other.

A very common picture that you would find in many Shanghai postcards ;)

The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Bund at night (it is just a stone's throw away from the famous Nanjing Road)

To get to the nearest subway station (to go home), we had to walk through Nanjing Road (from one end to the other) again

                                          Night scene in the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street


  1. Very nice I wish I can fly there now..and enjoy the night view.

  2. These views are so familiar, saw them a lot in TV!
    Very nice and romantic la~

  3. Very nice night view in Shanghai.

  4. Wah Chloe also know how to lepak. :) beautiful night scene. But I don't like crowded places.

  5. Lepak?
    ha ha... good to know the Malaysian in her is still there :-)

  6. Night view of Shanghai bund look so beautiful.

  7. VERY NICe... i like very very much. Shanghai seems to be a better place to stay than Beijing??

  8. wei....if not mistaken heard the ice cream there very sedap wor....hmmm was it there or was it HK....sei for.....mong cha cha jor

  9. Superb View and I think Chloe definitely enjoy the long walk along Nanjing Road.

  10. The crowd is quite frightening, all tourists huh~~


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