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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun Fridays and 1st Progress Report

Fun Fridays

I love Fridays because I don't have to rush home to do my homework after school. On other days (Mon-Thurs), I usually spend the whole evening (sometimes even until bedtime) trying to complete my ever-increasing but never-ending pile of homework. 

Sometimes, it is not surprising to find me dozing off even before my homework time begins...

School is fun but very tiring as well... 

Well, Fun Friday means not going home to do homework right after school. Fun Friday means getting off the schoolbus and heading straight to the nearby mall...

... to enjoy my favourite egg tart (the custard is very smooth, milky, creamy, aromatic and addictive!)...

... and drink my favourite fruit juice...

... and then head over to the park just opposite the mall... pick flowers from the ground and peel off their petals (I love you, I love you not)...

... or just prop one on my ear... Nice? 

After a fun outing, we usually go home for bath and dinner (that mummy has pre-cooked earlier). I even get to watch a DVD of my choice on bed before retiring for the day. How fun, eh? Totally no homework on Fridays! :)

1st Progress Report

I received my first progress report for Term 3 last month. Despite missing all the lessons for Term 1 and 2, I had no problem catching up with my studies. My class teacher commented that I am a very keen learner and I display great enthusiasm towards learning. I am quiet most of the time but I do participate in classroom activities when prompted to. I fared quite well in all the subjects except Social Studies (mummy is not sure about the content of this subject because there is no book and very little homework for this). All my lessons and study materials and are based on the Singapore syllabus.

I scored full marks for English and Maths :) 


  1. Good job Chloe! Full marks!
    I like her uniforms, very sweet looking.

  2. Well done Chloe, she did a very great job. Keep it up dear.

  3. I love Fridays too! Your Friday sure is FUN indeed. And well done in your exam.

  4. Yeah Friday is less stressful for the kids. It's a good way to de stress since Chloe can enjoy herself. Well done Chloe in her exam. She is a smart girl.

  5. Good to know Chloe is progressing well and good in Maths and English. May is sitting for her 1st exam in her Primary 1 this week. She is a very clumsy people. I can't expect she as good as her big sister.

  6. well done Chloe :) you are smart girl :D

  7. Good job! You deserve the pampering session from your mami

  8. Well done, Chloe! So proud of you. Keep it up.


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