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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Salad for Mom

On 3rd May, two weeks before Mother's Day, I brought home a little something for mummy. It was a small box of Italian lettuce that I planted in school. This lettuce was part of my school's ongoing Farm-to-School project. Before this, I also planted some cherry radishes and harvested them for my lunch at school. I also made a scarecrow using recycled materials at home and placed it at our vegetable plot. 

Well, back to 3rd May... Mummy was very surprised and happy to receive this gift... all grown, taken care of and harvested by my very own little hands...

Italian lettuce FRESH from my school farm :) 

One week later, on the Friday just before the Mother's Day weekend, I brought home more surprises for mummy. I made two things in class...

First, I made a "You are my number 1" medal 

Then I made salad with my class teacher. It was a rather special salad which included peanuts and white radish on top of the usual salad ingredients like lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato and broccoli.

It was so yummy that I "fought" for the last bit and even "drank" up all the dressing @-@


  1. good gift!!! Happy Mother's Day to you HL!

  2. Wah got this planting project at school? Very nice!
    I don't remember there's such project when I was schooling~

  3. That's a very good school project!

    and ya lor, was also wondering why your pics a bit blur. I better not update my blogger apps then.

  4. What a fun school it is. I love all the projects that the kids are involved in :)

  5. Give self-planted lettuce to mummy on Mother's day is indeed a very good idea. I am sure mummy will make a good dish from this lettuce.

  6. Fun activities for the kids. Such a wonderful present from her, furthermore eatable too. Oh ya the photos are quite blur, can't blog with PC instead of Apps? Can uninstall the Apss and retry ar?

    1. That's the main problem from the very beginning. Cannot blog with PC cos the VPN cannot function in Windows OS. You have no idea how mafan and difficult it is to blog using an iPad!! I've already uninstalled and re-installed but still like that. Kik sei ngo! Regret upgrading it :(

  7. Mami's all the time fav. I am sure she is very happy with this healthy gift.

  8. Hahaha so cute lar Chloe. Wallop all the dressing?

    Happy Mother's Day to your mummy.

  9. Wow..very fresh and yummy salad. Haha...did Mummy get to eat the salad?


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