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Friday, May 24, 2013

This is All Your Fault!

Recently, mummy and I went shoe-shopping. I saw a pair that I really liked but unfortunately, it was not available in my size. The biggest size was still too small for me. Since I liked it very much and insisted on having it, I settled for another colour (but same design) of my choice.

However, still feeling rather dissatisfied that I could not have what I initially wanted, I came up with a silly accusation right after mummy has made the payment...

Me: Mummy, this is all your fault!
Mummy: Huh? What fault?
Me: Because of you, I can't wear that shoe.
Mummy: Eh, eh... why blame me pulak???
Me: Because you always give me so much rice to eat, make me grow so much until I always cannot fit into the shoes that I like...
Mummy: *speechless at first, then rolls eyes and laughs out loud* 

Shoe-shopping has never been easy or fun for me because I am a "Bigfoot". I have a pair of extremely fast-growing feet. Very soon, I can forget about shopping at the children's shoe section. As it is now, I am already wearing adult-sized socks.

My foot (on the right) in comparison with mummy's standard size 7 foot... and I am not even 7 years old yet! 


  1. urs is bigfoot, mine is giantfoot...hi-5!

    u wearing adult socks, im wearing adult underwear...hi-5!

    we 2 really can be good friends lah...hehehehe

  2. Wow...really Bigfoot. Grow big big is good, unlike Gwen her growth is terbantut already.

  3. It's ok, dear... if it's any consolation to you, Victoria also have big foot, I guess it commensurates with her height. So it's tough to find shoes in the children section for her. Oh well...

  4. Haha Chloe is so cute la! Mummy sure want to cry but laugh at the same time, hehe...

  5. Hmm, kenot blame mummy. Kids growing fast, so of course your feet is growing. Or else your body will be imbalance with small feet, right?

  6. My son's foot just like me... he has a big foot too.

  7. Chloe, it is nice that you can explore new adult shoe section... more nice shoes to choose from. Hehehe....

  8. Wearing adult socks....really a BIGfoot...It is good coz adult shoes have alot of varieties to choose.

  9. Tall girl sure has big foot, I always need to wear women shoes largest size. Sometimes I need to buy sport shoes for men. sigh!

  10. She is tall so she has bigfoot :)

  11. Chloe, I wear a size 3 shoes and it is extremely difficult to get shoes my size. Even some size 3 is too big for me. So I rather have your Bigfoot if given a chance :(


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