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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eating Out 3: Saizeriya

Saizeriya is a chain of family-style Italian restaurant that originates from Japan. It serves a variety of western meals at very affordable prices. Although the food here is very mediocre and isn't the best we have tasted, we somehow keep going back for more (mainly because of its attractive pricing and pleasant dining atmosphere).

We had all these during our last few visits here...

Garlic bread, RMB4 (RM2)

Clam chowder, RMB8 (RM4)

Tuna salad, RMB11 (RM5.50)... Portion is generous and the veggies are very fresh and crunchy!

Cheesy baked potato with bacon, RMB9 (RM4.50)

Grilled squid, RMB16 (RM8)

The pizzas here are only available in one standard size, which is the regular 9-inch and the most expensive one costs only RMB24 (RM12) each. Cheap!

Tuna mayo pizza, RMB22 (RM11)

Shrimp pizza, RMB20 (RM10)

Bacon and pineapple pizza, RMB23 (RM11.50)

Chicken pizza, RMB24 (RM12)

Seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce, RMB13 (RM6.50)

Creamy smoked salmon spaghetti, RMB13 (RM6.50)

Basilico spaghetti, RMB12 (RM6)

Spicy mushroom spaghetti RMB10 (RM5)

Seafood gratin, RMB12 (RM6)

Seafood risotto, RMB10 (RM5)

Garlic chicken chop, RMB14 (RM7)

Italian wine for only RMB6 a glass (RM3)

Bottomless drink at RMB7 (RM3.50)... and sharing is allowed *super like* :) Choices of drinks include juices, iced lemon tea, soft drinks and a Nestle hot drink machine that dispenses various flavours of milk, tea, coffee, Milo and rich cocoa drinks. We enjoy the hot drinks the most!

A dunno-what ice-cream dessert, RMB10 (RM5)... this was the lousiest dessert we have ever eaten. The ice-cream was dry, flaky and tasteless :(

Tiramisu, RMB12 (RM6)... Yummy!

The restaurant from the outside... during lunch and dinner peak hours, we have to queue up (the queue can be very long sometimes) to get in.

Note: Mummy does not eat processed meat (bacon, sausages etc.) and she doesn't allow me to eat them either. They are usually put aside or sometimes, daddy would sapu all, although not encouraged by mummy ;)


  1. come food seems so cheap over there? My friend and relatives went all kena slaughter geh.

    I think you should add in more food post in your us the cheap, nice and good food to be had. ahem ahem...also address of the restaurant ...when we go there we can makan there and not kena slaughter la

    pretty pls......?

    1. Ah, there's a big difference when you go there as a tourist and when you stay there as a "local". As a visitor, you will most like visit those tourist-y places so high chances of kena slaughter. We are staying far from the city, far from tourist attractions and we blend in with the locals so we eat what they eat lor.

      Honestly, cost of living here is not bad (except for property)... Food and groceries are relatively very much cheaper than in Msia! RMB100 (RM50) can go a long way in the hypermarket... Can pile up a trolley full of fresh produce, no kidding ;)

  2. Wow food porn! ^^

    Honestly I think the price is so so affordable!

  3. The food is very mediocre? Are you kidding me? They look superb delicious and cheap, too!

    Why I wasn't served these food when I was in China? cheh...

  4. The price is consider cheap eh. Food looks good. Looks like you all are having a good time there.

  5. Food looks good and makes really hungry now.

  6. cheap cheap cheap! I will become regular customer too if I live there!

  7. The food there is consider cheap and looks super delicious.

  8. I can say the food is very cheap... The clam chowder looks good to me.

  9. All the food look presentable and important is how come it's so cheap.


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