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Friday, August 23, 2013

Laman Basikal @ Seremban Lake Garden

Backdated post: July 2013

I have a voracious appetite for books. During our recent holiday back home, we spent most of the weekdays in Ah Ma's house (in Seremban) where I read practically from morning until night, besides playing some games with Gung-gung in between. Yee-por (5th grand aunt) loaned me some Enid Blyton books and believe it or not, I read ALL of them in just 3 weeks! Besides these books, I also read many books from my very own mini library at home.

Bookworm me finished reading this stack of Enid Blyton books in just under 3 weeks!

Ah Ma felt that I needed a break (from just reading) and had on several occasions asked mummy to bring me out for more outdoor activities. She suggested this place...

A miniature "town" for kids to cycle in

Kau-foo rented a bicycle for me... only RM2 per hour. I looked a bit too oversized for the bike but it was the biggest one with training wheels (I can't cycle on 2 wheels yet!)

It's a very nice place for cycling... cool, shady and safe

There's even a real traffic light at one of the junctions (too bad it was not turned on when we were there)

We were the only visitors that day because it was a weekday in the middle of the puasa (fasting) month

There were a few playgrounds scattered around the bicycle park too

Parked my bike in one of these special parking bays while I played at the playgrounds

Some basic town amenities

I enjoyed cycling here very much although we were swarmed and bitten by dozens (or maybe hundreds) of very blood-thirsty mosquitoes!


  1. Nice place Chloe... Come take aunty here for a ride.

  2. This place is so nice, I'm sure bicycle lovers would love this place!
    The bicycle parking is so cute la! Haha xD

  3. yor.. i'm scared of mozzies.. one, two already cabut lari. how come u can tahan dozens or maybe hundreds???

  4. Haha. I was gonna say that I m gonna take my kids there when we go back to Seremban but after that hundred of mozzies part, I may think again. I m very afraid of mozzies!

  5. Gwen cannot tahan mozzies! This park is a good place for cycling.

  6. Ahh...staying in this town yet I did not even know about this place ! Must be fun to cycle around without needing to worry for on coming cars.


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