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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School and a Sweet Surprise

Yesterday (19/8/2013) marked another important milestone for me. It was my first day of school as a 2nd Grader. Yes, I am now in Primary 2 although I've just celebrated my 7th birthday barely a week ago! I am like a December child back in Malaysia... untung 1 year :) If I were to be born a month later (in Sept), I would only get to start Primary 1 now... rugi almost a year. Phew, lucky me!

Big girl already... all set to take on the challenges of being a 2nd Grader.

So how was my first day at school? It was GREAT of course because I have been looking forward to this day since weeks ago. I am glad to be in the same class with a few of my old classmates (the school did a student-reshuffling as two new classes were added) and I like my new class teacher because she is not fierce :p

When I got home from school, I was even happier because a little surprise was waiting for me...

A parcel all the way from Malaysia... for me!

It was a (belated) birthday present from Koo-koo (she actually sent it before my birthday but it took weeks to arrive)

Let me read Koo-koo's message in the little card first...

Wow!! A book! A book that I liked. A book that mummy and I fought over and tore took turns to read and finish in 2 days back in Malaysia (the first book). A book that I've always wanted (this second book).

That's not all... this book is specially autographed by Uncle Boey, the author! How cool is that :)

Thank you very much Koo-koo! I love the book very much and that autograph from Uncle Boey is priceless!! You surprised not only me but daddy and mummy as well. Thanks again... Muacks!

Note: Uncle Boey's books may contain some "adult vocab" so reader discretion is advised ;)


  1. Glad that it finally reached there. ..though a bit late. Enjoy! Muaks!!

  2. wah so fast already Grade 2. Her teeth grow so fast wor. My girl still burung gagak 2 haha.

    1. Ya, grew very fast but they are not straight or even. Hope she won't need braces later on :(

  3. Oh yes..I am looking forward for the second book since I had the first one. Hmmm..*jeles mode with the autograph u got**

  4. Happy Happy Birthday to Chloe! Maybe you be filled with lots of happiness

  5. Chloe is a big girl now. She looks so tall. Gwen is not growing horizontally or vertically..haha..I'm really outdated..don't know who this Uncle Boey is. That's an awesome birthday pressie for Chloe.

  6. Love Chole's uniform. And love that book with the author's autograph ! thoughtful of koo-koo.


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