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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

13.8.13 - My Very Simple Birthday

My birthday this year was one of the simplest I've ever had. We did not go anywhere, did not do anything interesting, did not have a party and did not have any special meals. The only privilege I had was being exempted from homework and piano practice. I was given the freedom to play the whole day and to do whatever I liked and wanted. I couldn't be happier!!

The first thing mummy and I did in the morning was to assemble my birthday cake so that I could cut it and open my presents. We decided to try "cake assembly" this time because mummy did not want to buy a big cake for me and end up over-eating it for days. She bought 2 small cakes from a bakery the night before...

Our favourite Japanese cheesecake and a Hello Kitty vanilla mousse, both from Bread Talk.

Firstly, Hello Kitty was carefully placed on top of the cheesecake

Next was a simple cake-decoration with tiny heart-shaped dragonfruit (cut with cookie cutter), chocolate pearls and a self-made no.7 cake topper

Helping out with the decoration...

My simple birthday cake. I loved it! :)

With my cake and presents (mostly carted back from Malaysia)

With my presents... I love them all! Thank you very much daddy, Koo-ma, Yee-ma and Kau-foo :)

This was clearly my favourite... Lego Friends that daddy bought from the U.S during his recent business trip there. I played this the whole day until dinner time!

Dinner was my pick, of course. I whispered to mummy that I wanted McD. As soon as we stepped foot into the mall, we knew that the locals were celebrating something special. The mall was unusually CROWDED. Restaurants and eateries were packed with long queues waiting at their entrances. However, the crowd at McD was normal so McD it was, for us :p

The very happy me with my Happy Meal and a Smurf wind-up toy :)

The special day turned out to be Qixi, the 7th day of the 7th lunar calendar... it was Chinese Valentine's Day (also called the Double Seventh Festival)! No wonder everyone came out to "pak thor". We saw many ladies holding pretty bouquets while flowers were also sold in some unlikely places.

After dinner, I continued playing with my Lego and delayed my bedtime to midnight because I didn't want the day to come to an end. I even insisted on Skype-ing Ah Ma at 11.30pm because I wanted to thank her for the birthday angpau. 

So that's how I spent my big day this year. Although it was a simple and ordinary one, I felt very happy and enjoyed myself very much!

P.S. I received many birthday wishes in mummy's FB too. A big thanks to all the lovely aunties for their thoughtful wishes. I read all of them and kept asking mummy "who is this?" Haha!


  1. Sometimes, simplicity is the best!!

  2. Wah what a liveky cake you "asembled". Your mommy slways so creative. Ah...I see enid blyton books there

  3. Nice celebration. I love the cheesecake and the HK vanilla mousse. So cute

  4. Chloe you are indeed very lucky. So many presents you received from those who loves you the most.

  5. Mummy, it's a creative idea to assemble your own birthday cake. The cake looks lovely. Chloe deserves a rest day on her birthday lah..she is a good girl. :)

  6. No big celebration but a small one that is so meaningful. Good job to mummy for the great idea on how to do your cake.

  7. Nice deco on the cake. And you are so lucky to have so many pressie.

  8. Is that blue box is Happy Meal Box? Very different from the HM ere. Looks so cute!

    1. The small blue box is actually full cream milk :) I chose milk for her in replacement of soft drink. The happy meal box is the same as those in Msia.


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