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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am seven years old today.

Height: 132cm 
Weight: +- 28kg

Physically, I look like a 9-year-old and mentally, I sometimes talk like a 30-year-old hahaha... "Mummy, don't eat so much **** it will make you fat!" "Daddy, do you love your job or do you work just for the money?" "Next time when I grow up, I dont want to marry a China man... I want to go back to Malaysia to find a husband". These are just some of my funny but mature conversations at age 6+.

This year, I will be celebrating my birthday at home away from home and this is something new, different and special for me as well as for daddy and mummy. 

Daddy and mummy's love letter for me this year is a rather "cincai" and impromptu one because mummy did not prepare it in advance like what she usually did in the previous years...

To our Beloved Darling Girl,

Thank you for giving us 7 years of pride and joy. It seems like every year, we thank you for the same thing because you are indeed a joy to have and to raise! In fact every day, we feel thankful and blessed to have you as our precious daughter. Daddy and mummy wish you a lifetime of happiness, good health and success (in your studies for now). May you continue to be the good girl that you already are... obedient, cheerful, funny, witty, adorable and loving! We LOVE you "all the numbers"!!!

Hugs n kisses,
Daddy & Mummy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetheart! 


  1. Happy Birthday B.... lots of love from us!

  2. Happy blessed birthday to Chloe!!

  3. Happy Birthday Chloe! She looks so beautiful here..

  4. heheheheh YH spending a lot of time in office ar...

    Happy Birthday C.

  5. must be fun , 1st time celebrating birthday overseas...happy belated birthday dear Chloe..


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