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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Selangor or Terengganu?

Touching down in KLIA, reaching PJ and entering our home sweet home was the best feeling ever!! The first thing that greeted us was our very clean house, thanks to these two very important people -  Koo-koo (daddy's sister) and Kau-foo (mummy's brother). Thanks a million for helping to take care of our home while we are away.

Next was this pile of letters, accumulated over a period of 7 months...

Bills, newsletters, bank statements, insurance statements and misc mails

Although daddy has already subscribed to a number of e-letters, e-billings and other electronic mails, our mailbox was still flooded with this mountain-high of physical letters by the hundreds. It took daddy and mummy over 2 days to finish browsing them all :p

Among this pile of letters, some of them were mine and this one in particular attracted our attention (actually it was Kau-foo who spotted the mistake)...

Since when did we move to Terengganu or could there be another Petaling Jaya in Terengganu too? 

We found this blunder rather amusing though hahaha! Luckily my Ikea Smales newsletter did not get lost and managed to find its way to our mailbox :)


  1. Haha, but the letter still managed to reach you guys safely!

  2. LOL.......this fella must be failed geography

    1. Haha, most importantly the postman didn't fail his geography ;) The funny thing is, there were 2 same newsletters (different issues) in the pile and the other one was correctly printed as Selangor. I'm baffled.

  3. long as the mails sampai. I think the postcode more important...

  4. And surprisingly the letter can reach your! Haha, memang Malaysia BOLEH!


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