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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our First Homecoming Trip - The Flight

6th July 2013 - Mummy and I flew back to KLIA on our own. It was our maiden flight without daddy around so I decided to throw her a little challenge...

Not even 30 minutes into our 3pm flight, after drinking a cup of apple juice (served with salted peanuts that I did not even touch), I told mummy that I felt nauseous. I was not sick and was perfectly fine prior to this. Mummy quickly rummaged through the pile of magazines in the seat pouch in search of the air-sickness bag but before she could find it, I had projectile-vomited all over the place!! Mid-air disaster...

The apple juice, together with the fried rice that I had for lunch earlier in a Japanese restaurant at the Pudong airport re-emerged and landed on the floor, the seat, seatbelt, pillow, blanket, mummy's jeans, mummy's sweater as well as on my own sweater and pants. Oh my, one can only imagine the mess, not to mention the stench that lingered throughout our 5-hour flight! 

Mummy apologised profusely to the very helpful and understanding stewardess who in turn apologised back to mummy because they had failed to replenish the air-sickness bag in the seat pouch. There wasn't any in it. The very kind stewardess then gave me a new set of everything, including 2 blankets (one to line the seat) plus a box of tissue paper and a few wet towels to clean myself up. 

No mood, no appetite... this was how I looked throughout the flight. I did not touch my dinner at all so mummy "tapau-ed" everything home :p

Mummy's jeans... soiled by her Puke Princess

The aftermath souvenirs... Tissue paper, a small stack of air sickness bag and mummy curi-curi took home all the wet towels...ssshhh! (wiped puke already, not nice to let other people re-use hehe)

3 August 2013 - Daddy, mummy and I flew back to Shanghai after nearly a month of blissful vacation (only 7 days for daddy) in PJ and Seremban. We woke up at 5am to catch our 9am flight. We only went to bed at around 1am the night before so I was extremely sleep-deprived and grouchy.

*Yawn* I could barely stay awake! *Yawn*

Too sleepy to eat... zzzzzzzzzzzz....

Our flight home was less eventful because I slept away 80% of the journey. When the meal was served, I could only manage half a bun. I even fell asleep while chewing the bun haha! Needless to say, all the food on my tray parted ways into daddy and mummy's tummies :) Mummy kept only the buns, yoghurt, muesli bar and juice for me. 

This trip back was quite a memorable one for us... on one way, I played Puke Princess and on the other, I was Sleeping Beauty ;)


  1. Oh dear...I think only one can imagine the mess. **pat pat mami & Chloe**

  2. Oh poor Chloe! Must be suffering! But I think after a few flights she will get used to it la!

    Take care there~

    1. She is already a very seasoned traveller, having flown to many places before this but first time kena air-sickness ;)

  3. ah... poor girl... glad you do sleeping beauty on your flight back instead of puke princess...

  4. the airlines also teruk la...should have replenish the air sckness bag mah .......just imagine the "aroma" for 5 hours

    1. Ya lor, really teruk one this airline....very poor housekeeping. On our return journey, the first thing I did was to dig for the vomit bag... also tarak BUT got empty ice-cream wrappers inside (the seat pouch) instead!!

  5. It's very cute to see her sleeping while holding the bun haha
    The flight attendants should really check everything before the flight take off. So cincai.

  6. Aiyo..poor Chloe and Mummy. How come suddenly can puke..but she was fine earlier..kesian. Very funny hor she can sleep while eating haha..Gwen very susah to fall asleep on the plane.

  7. Yikess... every parent's child of a puking child during any journey, worse a flight! Your mommy must have been very calm huh...

  8. Oh dear, poor Chloe. Definitely that was a very memorable trip for mommy. Hope this wouldn't happen again in future.

  9. Oh gawd. I always panicked when Ethan puke. I don't know what to do with the mess and always get daddy to clean him up. Touch wood I've never experienced him puking while travelling or anything but I can only imagine the mess...

    Thank goodness she slept most of the journey back to China.

  10. oh poor chloe. she really looked pretty tired and sad on the way back to Malaysia. i'm sure you all had a swell time back home :)


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