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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Day in Zhongshan Park

Backdated and Outdated post: 1st Oct 2013

The much awaited "Golden Week" has finally come and gone without us doing anything special or going anywhere interesting. "Golden Week" here refers to the 3-day National Day public holiday (Yes, three days. Grand, eh?) where the locals usually take additional days off either before or after the connecting weekends to enjoy a 7-day holiday. My school was closed for a week while daddy had a 3-day break from work so what did we do? We just hid at home, as advised by daddy's colleagues. According to them, the chaos created by the massive local holidaymakers was something not worth experiencing haha!

We did go out for a few simple outings though, and targeted places that were of no interest to tourists. One of them was Zhongshan Park. We went there on 1st October - China's National Day.

Zhongshan Gong Yuan is one of the many parks situated in the city centre

Cute and colourful balloons... one of the dozens of street pedlars selling a variety of knick-knacks in the park compound.

Of all the things, I requested for a flag! (Probably because I saw many other kids holding one) @-@

Holding a China flag just for the fun of it, not to show patriotism ok! Mummy still thinks I look prettier holding the Jalur Gemilang haha! :p

I drew this for my Chinese homework (My Holiday Diary) based on the picture above

There wasn't much to see here actually... not many flowers and some even looked droopy and withered :(

Butterfly on a flower with droopy petals (or is it like that one?)

Pond covered with duckweed

We heard music blaring from a distance and then came across a big group of middle-aged to elderly couples doing ballroom dancing in an open space in the park... so romantic <3 

Spotted something which looked like the famous "Louvre"...

... which turned out to be the entrance to a Metro (subway) station haha.

We then walked over to a nearby mall - Cloud Nine Mall. This was the mall that we frequented back in January when we were still staying in the Longemont Hotel. Mummy bought some winter clothing for me from Uniqlo and daddy bought a (very cheap) Lego sorter from TRU. We were also delighted to spot our favourite Gong Cha!

Gong Cha's signature tea series with "thick milk" but too bad over here, the taste, flavour and aroma just isn't there *thumbs down*

We had a simple no-meat meal in a restaurant near home. We are currently trying to cut down on meat or even totally eliminate if possible when eating out (mummy buys "organic meat" for home cooking) thus the simple meal below...

Smoked pomfret

Stir-fried potato and French beans

Brinjal with shrimps

Steamed egg with crabmeat sauce

Honey sweet potato swirls


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