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Sunday, October 13, 2013

My First Dental Visit

Last week, I complained to mummy several times that I had a toothache. On one of the nights, the pain was so intense that I could not eat my dinner. Every chew hurt! Daddy then made an appointment for me to see a dentist on the nearest Saturday.

My very first experience in a dental clinic

Upon examination, the dentist found not one but three cavities on three of my teeth. 3 cavities??? HORRORS!! Despite the strict oral hygiene imposed by mummy, which includes daily flossing since age 3, mandatory mouth-rinsing after food, closely monitored brushing and minimal intake of candies, I still ended up with bad teeth. After all the effort she had put in to take care of my teeth, this news was a big blow to mummy. At the same time, she also regretted not bringing me for regular dental check-ups... all the time believing that her preventive measures were good enough. Silly her! 

I had one big cavity on my pre-molar (milk tooth) and two tiny cavities on two of my first molars (permanent teeth). All 3 of them required filling. It was here that daddy and mummy learned a shocking fact that I already have permanent molars at this age. So ignorant! *shake head*

Daddy and mummy's brave little girl... although this was my first tooth-filling, I remained calm throughout the entire procedure and was very co-operative! I was not scared at all :)

The decayed pre-molar was the one giving problem because it had affected my gums, causing swelling and inflammation hence the pain. The dentist only dealt with this tooth for this visit (we have to make another trip there to settle the other two later because the dentisit did not want to traumatise me with too much drilling in my first visit). Just a simple procedure of tooth filling for this one tooth and guess what? Daddy was slapped with a RMB930 (RM465) bill!


As mentioned before in one of my earlier posts, healthcare in China is extremely costly. Luckily daddy's company insurance paid for most of it, so daddy needed to fork out only RMB60 (RM30) for this visit. Phew!!

After leaving the dental clinic, we went for lunch and shopping as usual (our favourite weekend pastime) and look what mummy found...

Cute floss!! Yes, she is quite obsessed with dental flosses so she immediately grabbed a pack and suggested I bring one to school so that I can floss my teeth after lunch every day! @-@


  1. The floss is really cute la!

    Tooth care is important for everyone, so Chloe must be hardworking in using it ok?

  2. Oh yes my kids get cavities too. Brought them for filling as the molar will only shed around 10-12 years old, must take good care of it.

  3. Pengsannnn so expensive the dental treatment over there.

    Chloe very brave to go to dentist.

    J jusr been to dentist last month. Just to check n wash the teeth. Was darn scared but after the "wash" eksyen pulak.

  4. Mommy dont bang your head so much la. You had done everything you can to prevent tooth decay. It happens la.

  5. Oh man....this is exactly what happened to Ashley. I was so strict with her candies/chocolate intakes and teeth brushing and see what happened? Now I let loose already...sigh. I guess the more I am worried, the worse it will become. Gosh, dental care is so expensive in China :( I think the cost for all 3 is enough to buy an airplane ticket back :( really "toothache" huh? According to the paediatric dentist, it has to do with the teeth brushing method. Now, once in a while, I would brush the teeth for Ashley before bedtime to ensure that it is done correctly :(

  6. My eyes almost popped out when I saw the price of the dental work. That is so exorbitant! Good thing Chloe is in good hands and she's one brave girl.

  7. Gwen told me she got her teeth checked at school few months back and so far no cavity..phew. I'm surprised Chloe has cavities..anyway glad that she is ok now. Chloe is a brave girl. Wow..the charges is really expensive..unbelievable!

  8. Susan Horby
    I live in Canada and we rarely find girls your age with cavities; especially the good care you have given your teeth. The only thing I can think of is the fluoride in our water system. I have known that it prevents cavities. Hope that is the end of cavities for you for awhile.


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