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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday Outing - Century Park

Century Park or 世纪公园 is the biggest park in the city of Shanghai. Yes, balik-balik, we only know how to visit parks haha! Here's our recent visit...

There is an admission fee of RMB10 (RM5) per person. The ticketing staff gave me free entrance although I have already exceeded the height limit of 130cm (for free admission).

Stalls outside the main gate selling various goods like toys and food

The first thing we did was to rent this "bicycle", which sits 3 adults and 2 toddlers comfortably. Cost: RMB50 (RM25) per hour.

The weather was beautiful and the walking/bicycle path was wide and pleasant

The lovely sunflower garden was in full bloom!

Sunflowers and me

Sunflower and bumblebee

Green autumn

Spotted some nice butterflies too

Bonsai garden

My idea of "rock climbing" haha

Had lots of fun playing with dead leaves @-@

I even collected some (of the leaves) and brought them home

"Island" on a lake

Walking to the amusement park (on the left)

It's just a small one but has quite a number of rides including a roller coaster! The pay-per-rides cost between RMB10-15 (RM5-7.50) each.

Since I scored 100% in my recent Maths exam, daddy bought me a few rides :)

Bumper car

An elevated duno what ride

Boat-rowing for kids

I was so happy!!

Overall, this is a nice park and we would like to visit again in another season, probably next spring.

We also did our favourite park activity... sitting and rolling on grass! A lot of locals do this too ;)

We spent the whole day here and stayed until sunset! (The sun currently sets at 5.15pm)

Before leaving for home, we had some street snacks at the gate of the park.... tau fu fa and a cup of fresh pomegranate juice.

Savoury tau fu fa with dried shrimps, seaweed flakes, preserved veggies, coriander and soy sauce for only RMB2.50 (RM1.20) a bowl. Very tasty!


  1. Fuiyoh what a lovely day out. Nice. Cheap leh the entrance fees . Games a bit mahal but hey u got 100% maths wor. Deserves a treat

  2. So nice.. How I wish I could go there...

  3. Very lovely Sunflowers ! The tau fu fa really nice aarrr? Savoury desserts sometimes tasted weird to me. haha....

    1. Surprisingly, the tau fu fa was very yummy! I guess the people here like their tau fu fa this way. Even in hotel buffets, it was served with similar savoury condiments too.

  4. This is a beautiful park. I think it was a wonderful day spent with rides and just chill. Wow..100 in Maths..outstanding!

  5. Nice outing to the park. Love the photo of the sunflower and bumblebee, like a postcard. The tau fu fah is kinda "different" for me haha.

  6. Wow, the sunflowers!! What a cheerful sight!


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