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Friday, November 8, 2013

Saturday Outing - Lujiazui

Lujiazui business district is the area flooded with skyscrapers that we see from across the river at The Bund. We quite like this place and have since been here twice (in Sept and Oct).  

The most prominent landmark of Shanghai... The Oriental Pearl Tower

The main attraction here is this large, circular pedestrian bridge 

Aerial view of the huge bridge. Photo taken from here

Close up of the tower from the bridge

Year of the Snake landscape

There are a few nice malls here and this is our favourite... it has all the popular shopping outlets that we like...

... including a big Toys R Us store (seen here at the entrance with Woody made of Lego)

We had afternoon snack in Hooters (daddy and mummy were curious to see China Hooter Girls hehe)

We enjoyed a dance performance by the sexy Hooter Girls halfway through our meal, after which I declared that "I love this restaurant" haha :)

Our simple and unhealthy "snack"... chicken burger

Vegetarian flatbread

And cheese sandwich

We then walked to a nearby park

Lujiazui Central Lake Park

Lots of fish in the lake

I had fun posing with these statues

Lovely flowers just outside the IFC Mall


  1. photo of Hooter Girls? LOL

  2. Woman, you're gonna be one ambassador for Shanghai! I'm loving this place already from all your pictures. Just look at Chloe, she's a natural at posing and smiling for the camera, bless her! I must say the buildings look so BIG like mammoth! What is it that the Chinese can't do, right?

    So why no pictures of the Hooters girls? Hehehe... I also wanna see : P

  3. Wah, looks like we are not the only ones curious to see China Hooters Girls, eh? Didn't take any photos of them, only a short video of them dancing ;)

  4. wah lau nice leh Shanghai. Wei..Chloe getting very tall and slim leh.

  5. The places you went look interesting. Chloe loves taking photos eh..she is pretty.

    Upload the video lah..kekeke..

  6. Love the blue blue sky ! The chicken burger looked delicious.

  7. Love the pictures...very nice view.

  8. Love to see all the photos you snap! So colourful!~


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