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Monday, December 23, 2013

Autumn Colours

Okay, this will be the final post on Shanghai parks, I promise! Just before the weather turned too cold for park visits, we hopped to the last one (well, last one for this year) on our park-to-visit-list, which was the People's Park 人民公园.

At one of the many gates in the park

If there is one thing "special" about this park, it has got to be this Marriage Market held here every weekend. At first we just noticed scores of people (mostly the elderly) flocking to a certain area....

"People mountain, people sea" at the "Marriage Market" 

Then we saw the "lonely hearts" advertisements (placed on umbrellas) and finally knew what this was all about!

Looking for love... hundreds and thousands of ads on display at the "marriage market".

Amusement park again, nothing new to us anymore... *yawn*

But I still insisted on ONE ride and picked the most expensive one... RMB20 (RM10) per ride per person! Cut-throat expensive, daddy and mummy grumbled haha!

Dragon roller coaster

At the end of our park-hopping experience, we realised the most beautiful park is actually the one closest to home.... just across the street from where we live!

The sidewalk just outside the park... the trees on the left are completely "botak" now.

Walking path covered with fallen leaves

Pretty roses still in full bloom!

Many of the plants and shrubs have turned colours

Lovely hues of red, yellow, orange...

... and purple! 


  1. This is such an interesting place! Can play and take beautiful photos around!
    But a bit sweating when I see the number of people =_=

  2. Oh Marriage Street at People's Park, this is interesting. The uncle using water to write the calligraphy? He is good, can wrote in many languages.

    1. Yes, the uncle is using water to write some greetings in various languages. This is actually a common thing...there are many such uncles in all the parks here :)

  3. The autumn colours are just gorgeous!

    The concept of marriage market is so interesting. hehe. But I wonder how many ppl actually hook up in this manner.

    1. I wonder too ;) Some of the ads have been there for quite a while as we can see that the paper has turned yellowish haha!


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