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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Holiday

Greetings from Taiwan! I am currently on a two-week Winter/Christmas break and what better way to spend the first half of my holiday... by tagging along with daddy as he goes to Taiwan for a 8D7N business trip. 

Christmas is not a public holiday in China and daddy had to go to work as usual but on this special day, daddy was given a "special assignment" instead. He was picked to do Community Service as part of his company's drive for a caring society. To support this cause, mummy and I accompanied him to the nearby park to pick rubbish haha! Yes, daddy actually walked around a park picking litter, no kidding! :D

On the same evening, we packed up and left for the airport to catch our night flight to Taiwan. 

Shanghai's Pudong International Airport looking rather quiet and deserted.... this was the first time we encountered such "emptiness" in this super busy airport!

Filled up our tummies at 6pm (at the airport) because we thought dinner would not be served in our 8pm flight

Our first time flying with EVA Air and we nearly took the Hello Kitty flight! Daddy and mummy are pretty impressed with their good service and seat comfort... plenty of leg room for them to stretch their long legs ;) Plus, a full-course dinner (supper) was served too.

A pretty air stewardess gave me some nice stickers, puzzles and activity set too.

We reached our hotel close to 12am that night. It is very spacious and comfortable and we are more than happy to have this as our "home" for the next 7 days....

View from our 19th floor window

It feels really great to be able to (temporarily) escape from Shanghai's bitter cold... the temperature has plummeted to subzero degrees this week!! 


  1. Happy Holiday and Happy New year to you n your family.

  2. How lovely. Enjoy your holiday in Taiwan :)

  3. How thoughtful of your daddy's company, doing community service. It is actually a very meaningful activity because you and mommy participated together :)

  4. I thought community service is some sort of "punishment" as per seen on TV drama :P

  5. Nice nice nice! What a great experience doing community service..only in Taiwan.


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