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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Coping with Haze

Shanghai was affected by a serious haze problem last week. For days, the city was shrouded in heavily polluted air and the highest AQI (air quality index) recorded was at a hazardous level of nearly 700! In some places, visibility was so bad that someone had wittily described the situation as an "airpocalypse". The sky was almost black and it was very dark, very gloomy as if the world was coming to an end! 

According to a local daily, many cities across China have been hit by intense air pollution in recent years, much of it caused by emissions from coal-burning power stations. The current dry spell (there's no rain since October!) did not help much either.

During these suffocating days, mummy's main concern was to ensure that I didn't fall sick, especially after being informed by my school principal to take precaution because many children were already taking sick leave from school. Despite the situation, I did not skip a day of school and on the worst-hit day, my school declared an early dismissal (half-day).

Back at home, mummy increased our intake of fruits that are rich in Vit C and frequently boiled lung-nourishing soup for us. The worst is now over and we're happy to have survived these bad-air-days while maintaining our good health :)

This is the view from our apartment window... one taken on a hazy day and other on a clear day. See the big difference!

Never leave home without a mask!

On the last hazy day (it totally cleared up the next day), we went our for a "celebration" meal... Our favourite pizza and pasta joint at Saizeriya :)

I like this mask with dolphin and cherry prints, given by my BFF (as a compensation) because she broke mine a day before :p


  1. Gosh that is very bad. Drink more water

  2. Sorry to hear about the haze!
    Do drink lots of water and take good care!!

  3. The haze is really bad hor. Drink more water, juice, soup and more green & fruits too.

  4. Oh, like those days at Malaysia where we experienced it every year >.< Take care ya~

  5. wow, that was indeed scary. how did the haze go away? glad that everyone was ok in your family :)

  6. Good to know it is cleared. Drink lots of water ya!


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