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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vandalism Part 2

I've been labelled as The Little Menace, Little Miss Itchy Fingers, The Domestic Nuisance, The Destroyer and the list goes on...

and the mischief goes on too...

Today, for the second time, I scribbled on the wall again. The first time I did this, it was 7 months ago so I must have forgotten that it's a punishable offence in our house.

Mummy made me "scrub" the wall again, followed by another session of time-out. Will I do it again? Hmm....


  1. Oh dear ..... I will surely pengsan if my Angel did that!! I know she will one day ......

  2. haha Hi-5 Ruoyi I did it too pass few months. After being punished stand at the corner I need to clean up the mess like you too.

  3. least she scrubbed the wall..haha. Gwen hasn't started scribling on the wall yet but if she does..I don't think she would scrub the wall.


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