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Monday, August 15, 2011

My Birthday Outing

Daddy and mummy did not plan anything special for my birthday this year. Up until the very last minute (on the night of my birthday eve), daddy casually asked...

Daddy: Tomorrow is your birthday so what would you like to do?
Me: Something fun!
Daddy: Like what?
Me: Go to Genting Highlands?
Daddy: Err, besides that?
Daddy & mummy: *rolled eyes*

Well, after getting my hint, daddy and mummy planned a birthday surprise for me that very night, after I have gone to bed. It was something very impromptu.

The next morning (on 13th Aug, my actual birthday), Koo-koo joined us on our outing. We went to Berjaya Times Square in KL... a place totally unfamiliar to me. It was lunch time when we arrived so we had lunch at Vivo. I was still kept in the dark about the "secret place" that they were bringing me to. Although I did ask, they were very tight-lipped over it.

Walking around Vivo while waiting for our orders... playing and talking to my "twin" as usual (everytime I see large mirrors like this)

Let's dig in!

Seafood pizza, mushroom pizza, grilled fish sandwich and chocolate lava... yummy!

Finally, the surprise was revealed to me right after lunch...

I was extremely thrilled when led to the entrance of a theme park!

The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia. The entrance fee turned out to be cheaper than Genting's indoor theme park because we got multiple discounts after flashing our MyKad/MyKid, a departmental store loyalty card and a credit card.

This was our very first visit here and we were quite impressed with the pleasant atmosphere that greeted us... everything looked clean and fairly new. The best part was, we DID NOT have to queue up for the rides at all (there was no crowd).

Bright, colourful and attractive

In almost every ride that we went on, we were always the first in the queue ;) I didn't feel bored riding the rides again and again and again and again (average of 5 times per ride)...

Botanic Drive (Total number of rides: 5)

From the 2nd ride onward, I insisted on driving the car all by myself and didn't allow mummy or daddy to sit with me

Molly-Cool's Swing... this was the only ride that I did not enjoy. After just a few swings, my face turned pale so mummy quickly asked the ride operator to stop the ride. Luckily I was the only kid on it. (Total number of rides: 0.5)

Buddy Go Round... a nice carousel with unusual-looking creatures (Total number of rides: 5)

I loved the spinning cup on the carousel...

Flying Bumble Bee... this was one of my favourites (Total number of rides: 6)

Crazy Bus (Total number of rides: 5)

On board the Crazy Bus... this was a very fun ride... even daddy and mummy enjoyed this :)

Fantasy Trail... a choo-choo train ride around the theme park (Total number of rides: 4)

Honey Bump... bumper-car for kids.

I loved this the most! For the record, I played this 8 times!

I enjoyed playing in the big playground there too (while daddy and mummy rested their tired feet)

Daddy the thrill-seeker even had a go on this hair-raising roller coaster... the Supersonic Odyssey as well as the Ooort's Express. Mummy the coward gave him two thumb-ups :)

After 5 hours of walking, spinning, twirling, gyrating, sitting and steering, we decided to call it a day. Just before leaving the theme park, I noticed something missing on my wrist. It was the brand new McD Hello Kitty watch that Koo-koo gave to me yesterday. I wanted to tell mummy about it but didn't dare to open my mouth so I hinted to her by lifting and pulling the sleeve of my blouse up and down to show her my bare wrist. As expected, I got nagged by her for being so careless!

Luckily the watch was captured in one of the photos taken by Koo-koo earlier in Vivo...

So sayang... gone within a day *sad* I told mummy not to delete this photo because I want to remember this watch forever haha.

I asked for sushi for dinner so we had that somewhere near home

That night, I thanked daddy and mummy profusely for giving me a fun-tastic day. I told them "I don't like today... I LOOOOOOOOOVE today!"

The following day, mummy baked me some cupcakes.

With my home-baked Choco-Berry Cuppies (chocolate cupcakes with homemade fresh cream, chocolate sprinkles and strawberries)


  1. Chloe... I think daddy and mummy booked the whole park just for you.... Haha.... That was a great plan for her birthday surprise....

    The cupcakes looks yummy.... Thumbs up for mummy...

  2. whaaa......syok leh :) Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. The watch fell off gua.... Not her fault. Blame on the fast rides.

  4. Didn't know the themepark is so nice one. I'm sure Chloe had a blast there. So sorry to know she lost her watch. :( The cuppies look so yummy.

  5. Very nice homemade cupcakes you made! I think most kids want a fun birthday. Yan Yan asks for Sunway Lagoon few days ago ( I think last year she wanted for the same wish too, hehe) She is telling me she doesn't want present and only want Sunway Lagoon!

  6. Happy Birthday Chloe! Auntie wish to bring Juan Juan to the park too, maybe one of these days.

  7. Chloe dear has a nice birthday celebration! And thumbs up to Mummy for baking such nice cupcakes :)

  8. Such a wonderful birthday blast! To play in this theme park must be Chloe's biggest wish for this birthday, ya? Daddy and mummy's precious showing priceless expression in almost every photo :)

  9. oh wow, that's a fun-filled day. sorry to hear about the HK watch. Poor gal. Hope you'll get a replacement :)

  10. It was such a fantastic celebration for Chloe. I am sure she will remember this day forever too.

  11. Haha! Your 'twins'...

    My kids also always said wanna go back to hk disneyland.. :) Such a fun place for kiddos..

  12. Happy belated Birthday to Chloe.

    That was really a cool birthday celebrations!

  13. Blog walking randomly and found ur blog.

    Happy belated birthday Chloe :) You are so sweet! and such a happy gal, may u stay happy always xoxo

  14. That is a good idea to spend a day in theme part to celebrate your birthday.

  15. ur princess such a lucky one ... happy belated birthday !!! love ur cupcakes :)

  16. hahaha My kids too, will ask me when we can go back to HK Disneyland, as if it's jes a car ride away. :D
    Wow... wat a fun way to celebrate her b'day. And u guys really maximised the tix paid. Went so many rounds of the rides.

  17. wah really Fun-tastic birthday celebration for you. Happy 5th Birthday Chloe.

  18. Seem like a nice place to bring Sam to play there, mind to share how much the entrance fee before all the discounts? :P

  19. This is a good need to travel all the way up to Genting...hehehe

    Happy Belated Birthday to you!

  20. HweiLi:
    I have been there once when it newly opened.

    It is surely a great day out for Chloe.
    Always happy to see her smiling face.


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