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Saturday, August 13, 2011

F.I.V.E... 5!

I am five years old today. At age 5, I am:
... 115cm tall and weigh approximately 21kg.
... very shy, timid and quiet with strangers but loud and chatty at home.
... generally a very happy, easy going and cheerful girl.
... funny and witty!

I have matured by leaps and bounds, being very much more understanding, compassionate and sensible.

Here's a mini flashback of my birthday and the following celebrations I had...

Fresh from the "oven" on my real Birth Day on 13th Aug 2006... all puffed-up like a little sumo, tipping the scales at 4.39kg/9lb 11oz !

My first birthday (a simple family celebration at home)

Cake time at Secret Recipe on my 2nd birthday (we spent the day window-shopping in Pavilion and KLCC)

I celebrated my 3rd birthday in Genting Highlands (I got a free entrance to the Outdoor Themepark)

Mummy got me these cute Sesame Street cuppies for my 4th birthday (celebrated in kindy). After school, we went for a 2D1N stay in the Grand Millenium Hotel in KL

5 years old today... besar panjang already! ;) (Pic taken last month by Koo-koo)

As with every year, I get a "love letter" from daddy and mummy on my birthday...

To Our Beloved Darling Daughter,

Words cannot describe the overwhelming love we have for you. The past 5 years have been the sweetest years of our lives together. It is so rewarding watching you grow and mature into a fine young girl. Caring for you has always been easy, nurturing you has always been gratifying and disciplining you has never been difficult. We thank you for being such a good, obedient and wonderful child. Oh, the joys of raising you!

We are truly, truly blessed to have you as our precious daughter! Our ultimate wish for you is to see you SAFE and in GOOD HEALTH always. Of course, we want you to have every ounce of love and happiness in the world too :)

We love you MORE each passing day! We love you million, billion, trillion and all the big numbers (echoing your words heh heh)!!

With All Our Love,
Daddy and Mummy


  1. Happy birthday to Chloe! You are really panjang and besar now!

  2. Happy Birthday BB! (soon you'll be too big for us to call you BB anymore :p)

    We love you all the BIG numbers!!


    Koo-Koo & Koo-Jeong

  3. Happy 5-year old Birthday to Chloe! Wow Chloe is a big size baby last time, so cute & chubby. So where will u guys celebrate little missy birthday this time?

  4. Happy birthday, Chloe! May you have a great birthday celebration!

    Indeed, you have grown into such a lovely young lady. You are blessed to have such great and loving parents and I'm sure that they are so very proud of you. =D

  5. Happy Birthday again Sweet Chloe. You are getting prettier and prettier. Have a blast, ok?

  6. Happy birthday Chloe! Hope you have a blast birthday celebration with your family. Wishing you Good Health and Cheerful all the time. Aunty really like to see your sweet smile.

  7. This is a sweet post! Happy blessed birthday Chloe~

  8. Happy birthday, Chloe!

    I wowed when I read the number 4.39kg. Chloe was a chubby baby :) Aunty like! See the 'pau' on your face *geram*geram*

    Have a great celebration today with both daddy and mummy whom love you the most!

  9. Here's wishing Chloe a very happy 5th birthday on her actual birthdate! Wow! She was such a huge baby at birth!!!!!!! My eyes almost popped out! Mummy normal birth ah???

    You are so adorable....
    You will surely grow up into one fine lady.... I can already imagine that....

    My ziyi is about 17kg and 10 cm shorter.... Haha....

  11. this is a beautiful post with all the sweet records for Chloe. But wait ah...u mentioned small birthday celebration for Chloe's first birthday? but the cake SOOO BIG ler!

  12. Happy birtyday to Chloe!! So fast that you are 5 years old already and you are one tall pretty young lady there :) Your 1st birthday Barney cake is soooo cute and huge!

  13. woohooo..... grow up one more year!

    Happy birthday to you, what is your wishes for this year?

    wish to have a little brother from your parent?

  14. Such a heart warming post. Happy Birthday to Chloe.

  15. happy birthday from me too! what? she's only 5 but she looks much more elegant like a fine young lady lau.....

  16. Happy Belated to you Chole.. have more and many more birthday and stay healthy!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Chloe, I love the new born pic, sooooooooooooo cute !!!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to Chloe :)

    PS: I was shocked by the 1st photo of u, so CHUBBY!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday, Chloe!That's a very touching and beautiful letter from your Daddy & Mummy :-). Keep doing whatever you're doing now, cos you're doing great!

  20. Happy belated birthday Chloe!
    Wow, she really was a big baby at birth...mummy very 'keng' la.

  21. To all the aunties and uncles: Thank you very much for your warm wishes :)

    Dora: The answer is in the next post ;)

    Oliveoylz: Yup, normal birth. Don't forget... mummy is big-sized too so still ok lah :)

    Chinnee: Yes, the cake was huge! Mummy wanted a figure 1 cake for me and the minimum order was 2kg. In the end, we just cut and distributed the cake to our neighbours :)

    CHVoon: Yes, I wish to have a little brother but mummy said cannot hehe :p

  22. Happy Belated Birthday To Chloe! One of the best "love letters" I've ever touching. Stay pretty, sweet and good health always dear Chloe.

  23. The love letter is so touching...

  24. Happy Belated 5th Birthday to Chloe! Nice recap of her prev b'days. And the love letter is vy touching. Now she can start reading (on her own) the letters that u've written to her.

  25. OMG! Normal birth???? Wow! Salute:)

  26. The love letter from daddy and mommy is simply amazing and touching.


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