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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Kindergarten Years

9.11.2012 was the last day of school and that marked the end of my preschool life at Peter & Jane Kindergarten, where I spent 3 memorable years playing, learning and growing to my full potential. Here's a recap of some of the important and interesting events (although most of them have been posted in this blog before) that made my days here fun, interesting and memorable...

First day of school vs. Last day of school (Jan 2010 - Nov 2012) - noticed how my uniform has "shrunken"? I wore the same XL-sized uniform for 3 years!

I was a cute 3y5m toddler when I started school

Rain or shine also must go to school... those were the days before mummy had a car - we walked to school

CNY celebration in school

Dressed to the theme "Floral Fantasy" for Mother's Day celebration in school

Celebrating my 4th birthday in school

Sports Carnival in Sunway Lagoon 2010 - receiving my bronze medal and a gift pack

Field trips in year 2010 - Taman Tasik Manjalara, Zoo Negara, KL Bird Park

First day of school (K1), 2011 - I came home with a party pack! *happy*

Theme Day - We had about 3 Theme Days every year

A little something for my teacher on Teacher's Day

Besides the joy and laughter, there were some teary days too. Remember this torn uniform incident?

Father's Day celebration in school... making some crafts with daddy

Field trips in year 2011 - Tenmoku Pottery Factory and Petrosains KLCC. I missed one trip because I was sick.

One of the many cultural celebrations in school

One of the many parties that I attended in school

My first concert in K1

From my MLP (Mandarin Language Program) classes in K1, I advanced to K2 Hua Wen 

Water play, my favourite activity!

Sports Carnival in Sunway Lagoon 2012 - getting ready for a telematch

Very often, I come home from school with crafts, gifts and what-not. Once in a while, I do bring home useful stuff too, such as these plants: papaya seedling, edible spring onion and sprouts (all from my Science project)

Field trips in 2012 - Taman Tasik Permaisuri KL, Pusat Sains Negara, Marco's Pizza

My second concert in K2

A collection of all my class photos

Finally... my graduation!

Big girl already... 3 years flew by too quickly!

All the photos above pretty much sum up the highlights of my preschool years. Walking out of the kindergarten doors for the very last time on the last day of school, I had mixed feelings (sad to leave my school and friends but probably relieved to escape from my very strict and "fierce" class teacher) while mummy was overwhelmed with emotions. We are definitely going to miss Peter & Jane very, very much!


  1. time flies, all our little one grown up. wish her all the best in primary school!

  2. All the best in your new Primary School next year. You'll enjoy and do great just like your preschool years.

  3. Such memorable years *sniff, sniff* and Chloe is going to Primary One soon. All the best!

  4. It'll be a brand new experience for Chloe next year! Chloe looks so sweet girl in her certificate :-)

  5. i noticed there were only less than 10 of you @ your class? Was this preset by the school?

  6. i noticed there were only less than 10 of you @ your class? Was this preset by the school?

    1. It's not a "preset" number but just that the centre Chloe attends is very small so it can only accommodate a limited number of students at any one time. I prefer small classes like this because each child gets more individual attention from the teacher (a lot of 1-to-1 coaching).

  7. your baby has grown up so much over the years. these pictures are priceless!

  8. Awww... our babies r all grown up edi. Can c that she had a great n memorable time in her kindy yrs. All the best to Chloe in the next stage of life!

  9. Time flies and finally she is graduated and going to grade 1 soon. All the best to you sweetie.

  10. cute. you have grown so much!

  11. Nice graudation photo.
    Time flies, from a small little girl grown up to be 6 years old graduate, big gal already.
    Congratulations, and wish you all the best in primary school.

  12. congrats on the completed of the 1st education journey!! All the best in your Primary education!!

  13. haha, must learn from you buy the XL size uniform so that Sam can continuously wear it till she graduate :P

  14. I enjoyed looking at all the photos. Lots of wonderful memories!

  15. You had such a wonderful kindy years!

  16. First things first! Congratulations on Chloe's graduation from kindy! Am sure she is excited to be promoted to the "big" school in just a months time! I like how Peter and Jane has a remarkable teacher to student ratio. Small classes are really good! I can see that, the kindy is very activity oriented from all the field trips and I can never forget the very grand sports day held at Sunway lagoon! Simply opened up my eyes!

  17. Time flies. Surely Chloe looks forward to adventure into new school, new environment, new teachers and new friends. Have fun in your new adventure soon, I hope you will like it.


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