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Friday, November 20, 2009

SuperStar Libra - Day 2

Monday, 16 Nov 2009

Day 2 started with a not-so-satisfying breakfast at the oriental restaurant called the Ocean Palace. The dim-sum set was so-so only, taste wise. What's worse was that daddy and mummy's stomachs were only half full, even after polishing off my share! Haha. I ate only half of the bunny char siew pau and two meatballs (cos I just had a bottle of 8oz milk).

After breakfast, we walked around the ship leisurely...

Posing at the stairway overlooking the sea

Nearly blown away... It was extremely windy at the 9th and 10th deck. Look at my hair!

In the late morning, it started to rain. We just stayed indoors and had a good laugh watching a hilarious game show. After about an hour of heavy downpour, the sea became rather rough and choppy. The ship rocked and swayed quite a bit and that was enough to make mummy feel queasy and uncomfortable.

Soon, she was down with a mild bout of seasickness... and was confined to the bed! Not knowing what to do, daddy and I stayed in the cabin with her too, for almost half a day. And what did I do to kill time? Playing in this "playground", of course!

Up, down, up, down, get stuck, down, up, down, up, get stuck...

The ladder to the upper deck bed kept me happily occupied for HOURS! I even got stuck between the rungs of the ladder a few times! Haha.

We reached Phuket in the evening, after sailing for about 21 hours. Luckily mummy had fully recovered from the seasickness. Phew! Took my bath and went for a BBQ dinner at the Mariner's Buffet again. I had a scrumptious meal of rice with fish, crab, egg, potato, broccoli and cauliflower. I enjoyed the desserts very much too.

Swinging here and there while having dinner...

Sweets for my Sweet...

After dinner, we disembarked for a shopping excursion to Phuket town (a pre-booked ground tour). First stop was to a jewellery shop. We didn't buy anything there but had 3 cups of free drinks instead heh heh.

Left: Yay! First time travelling in a bus. Right: At the main lobby of the Wang Talang jewellery centre

Next stop was to the Sri Burapa cashew nut factory. Besides cashew nuts, we also tasted an assortment of Thai snacks and goodies here.

We even saw how the nuts were cracked from the shells and how a cashew tree looked like (a replica of it).

Next stop was to a shopping mall called Central Festival.

Left: The shopping princess in action. Right: Mummy bought me a Hello Kitty lunch box from here.

And our last stop was Patong Beach, Phuket's main attraction.

However, our trip here was hampered by the rain. Although it was only a slight drizzle, we decided not to walk anymore because it was already nearly 11pm and I had kinda run out of battery. I clung on to daddy like a koala and refused to walk anymore so we just stayed put under a shelter and waited for the bus to fetch us back to the ship. Since there was a supermarket there, mummy went in and grabbed a few items...

Left: Wearing a "plastic bag"raincoat. Right: Enjoying my "owl milk" (EnfaKid)

And since it was also time for my milk, mummy bought something special for me... EnfaKid and Enfagrow in Tetra Pak, which are not available in Malaysia.

We reached the ship at about 12:30am and while mummy was cleaning me up, I was already in dreamland *zzzzzzzzzzzz* and didn't even bother with all the rough handling (while she changed me into my pyjamas). Oh what a day!

Walking back to the ship


  1. short excursions too. I never been to Phuket before. I heard the place is too touristy...expensive lor. Enfa in tetra pak. How's great for travelling. Aww..Chloe was so tired till hung on to Daddy like a koala bear. :P

  2. I think Central Festival was the place where I had the Swensen's ice-cream for only 59baht (RM5.90?) for 3 scoops of ice-cream with toppings..etc.. :p (which could have cost us RM13? over in Malaysia). Another ice-cream of different flavour for 99baht.. with a cup of choc fudge!! ... I miss Phuket...

  3. i'm sure the pre-tour is expensive! normally u can get cheaper once u reach. also those shops u went, the tour groups will get a cut one..:( anyway u r on holiday just hv fun lo...

    i wanted to buy pediasure liquid in thailand but couldnt find..sigh sigh sigh. only enfa range..but philip is no more enfa.

  4. Haha she can playing in the "playhouse" for hours..... The Phuket trip seem ver fruitful till you all can walked till late nite. I'm surely daddy hard would be tired to carry his cutiest Chloe.

    Enfa in Tetra Pack, how come M'sia dun have....sigh

  5. EnfaKid and Enfagrow in Tetra Pak?! tats really convenient leh. eeeekkk... shoppping! shiok!


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