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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pre-School Fees

Here's the breakdown of my kindy fees for the first semester (only 1 semester):

The total amount to be paid is freakingly expensive at RM2867!

The fees alone cost RM350 per month or RM2100 per semester and this amount is equivalent to BOTH daddy and mummy's COMBINED university (local U) tuition fees for 1 YEAR/2 SEMESTERS!

B oh B, your preschool education for 3 years is going to cost to daddy and mummy as much as both our tertiary education for 4-5 years!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Princess Crocs

Mummy finally found a pair of "original fake" Crocs for me that fits. It's a size 12! And it's probably for a 9-10 year-old...

Disney's Cinderella "Crocs" in pink (again!)

The Cinderella's eyes are a bit cacat but I guess it won't be very noticeable once it gets dirty...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hello Kitty Bedroom

While browsing Cosway's Great Redemption catalogue last month, mummy came across something very familiar. Without much thinking, she quickly headed to the nearest Cosway retail outlet and placed her order for this...

What's this?

Hello Kitty curtain that matches my bedsheet!

Pretty in pink... with somewhat matching pink cupcakes

Do I like it? Well, will let the pictures do the talking...

Smile until "can see teeth, can't see eyes".

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Itchy Fingers Back in Action

What's so special about these clothes pegs? I guess I'm not alone, as most kids like to play with them too.

Perhaps, some would do this too - dismantle it by pulling out the metal piece and then fixing it back...

But I also go a step further... breaking it into pieces!

These poor clips have become brittle after dutifully taking care of our clothes under the scorching sun for years! And I just had to prove that to mummy... look ma, your clips are no longer efficient!

(It's been quite a while since I last broke anything at home... my itchy fingers have taken a long rest and they are finally back in action again)

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Hands are Poccupied

I was busy playing with something when mummy needed a favour from me, to fetch her something. This was what I told her...

Me: I can't, mummy. My hands are poccupied.
Mummy: Huh? You hands are what?
Me: POCCUPIED! (occupied)
Mummy: Hehehe!

I must have got it mixed up with porcupine. Haha!

Well, here's what I was holding... an empty Baskin Robbins ice-cream tub and a stick (the core of the plastic book wrapper). I love to bat the paper tub with the "stick" and I can hit quite well too, with very few misses.

In dire need of a set of racket and ball/shuttlecock

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Kiddy Ride Princess

No kiddy rides, no talk. That's my motto for the time being haha...

Scenario 1
I sometimes like to cry in the middle of the night for no reason...

Me: *Crying*
Daddy: Ssshhhh!
Me: *Still crying*
Daddy: Why? What do you want?
Me: *Cry only, no answer*
Daddy: Stop crying!
Me: *Cry louder*
Daddy: Cry some more, no kiddy rides for you!
Me: *Immediate SILENCE*

Scenario 2
During photography, I will never co-operate and prefer to look elsewhere, make ugly faces or run away...

Mummy: Look here!
Me: *Purposely look away*
Mummy: Look here and smile!
Me: *Try to run away*
Mummy: Hey, if you don't look here and smile, cannot go for kiddy rides ar!
Me: *Quickly pose as stylishly as possible and flash her with my sweetest smile*

Scenario 3
Ah Ma prepared a half-boiled egg for me, something that I don't quite like. I love eggs, but not half-boiled ones...

Ah Ma: Come... eat egg.
Me: I don't want
Ah Ma: Eat la... it's nice bla bla bla (and then mummy whispered a hint to her)
Me: I don't like it, don't want!
Ah Ma: If you eat this, we'll bring you for kiddy rides later
Me: *Slurrrrp! Burp!*

I quickly sapu the whole egg, of course! Haha!

As for now, got kiddy rides, WILL OBEY!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

DL's Disney Hoopla

We went to 1 Utama again today (two weeks in a row) just to take part in this roadshow... This time, Yeh-yeh and Mah-mah came along with us too.

It was the roadshow's 1st day at 1U and we managed to witness the launching

Raising the Super Sleuth flag - played some games to redeem a free mystery gift

With my best friends Donald, Daisy and Minnie (that's Yeh-yeh peeking from behind haha)

At the end of the game, I was given a few choices of gifts and I chose this hotdog-counting game. Not bad...

Also got a free printed photo (for purchases above RM30)

The same shot taken on our own

Goodies and freebies

Bought a total of 8 packets of milk powder to complete the book collection

Plus some existing stocks at home... milk to last half a year!

Friday, November 20, 2009

SuperStar Libra - Day 5

We've finally reached the end of the cruise. Didn't do much today because the check-out time was 10am. We woke up a little late and had to rush for breakfast. However, I was unusually grouchy and refused to co-operate in washing up and getting ready. Having no time to waste, daddy and mummy dragged me out even though I was still in my pyjamas! This was the first time I went out in my PJs!

Enjoying my banana pancake, flattened hash brown (with excess oil squeezed out) and scrambled eggs

I also made a lot of noise and wanted to bring my Hello Kitty lunch-box along *mummy shakes head*. Good idea also... can tapau more bread :p

Left: Some of the food from the buffet counter. Right: Chef's Specialty - Baked salmon with potatoes. We weren't aware that we could order this Chef's Specialty until today... aiseh!

Immediately after breakfast, it was time to say goodbye to the ship and to our wonderful vacation...

At the ship's main lobby... waiting for our turn to disembark

The things that we brought home as souvenirs...

The most expensive photograph we've ever bought - just a single piece of 4R-size for RM35.50! (S$14.50)

Serviettes from the many meals that we took on board...

And a cabinet-ful of milk, biscuits, peanuts and other tidbits (some already eaten, digested and excreted haha!)

SuperStar Libra - Day 4

Wednesday, Nov 18 2009

After a non-stop, long-haul sail of 37 hours, we finally reached Singapore (from Phuket) today, at 1pm. We wanted to have a quick lunch but it turned out to be quite a long one because we enjoyed the meal so much, we just couldn't hurry. Haha. Here's a partial portion of what we ate...

We had very delicious baked salmon today. In almost every meal (except the Chinese restaurant where they don't serve bread), mummy would curi-curi tapau some bread, bun or muffin for my snack later.

After lunch, we walked over to Vivo City, which was just across the pier.

Before that, we had to collect our passports from the ship crew. The distribution and collection of passports was held on the stage of the Galaxy of the Stars (a mini performance hall). Captivated by the bright lights on the floor and the upbeat background music, I just couldn't resist dancing to the beat...

For once, I had totally forgotten about being shy and whatever inhibitions I had

Check out my groovy moves...

A glimpse of our ship from the covered walkway.

A colourful flower-sphere greeted us at one of the entrances of Vivo City.

A giant Christmas tree in the "garden".

Somewhere around the mall, I was instantly attracted to this unique playground...

Played on the standing see-saw, merry-go-round, spinning swing, slide etc.

Guess who came to meet us here?

It was Kau-foo, who took time-off from work and came all the way here to see me. He then gave us an ice-cream treat at Ben & Jerry's.

A sweet treat... a waffle cone and a Belgian waffle with few scoops of very chocolate-y ice cream with M-dem-dem (M&Ms) toppings. Yums!

Look at that skinny-minny snowman...

Can you see our ship? It's there!

And no way could we leave out the kiddy rides. Kau-foo generously forked out S$2 (nearly RM5) to let me enjoy two rides...

Since I missed my afternoon nap, I was too tired from all the walking until daddy and Kau-foo had to take turns carrying me while I slept like this...

Soon it was time for us to return to the ship. As I was still fast asleep in daddy's arms, I did not manage to say goodbye and thank you to Kau-foo.

Back at the ship, we quickly showered and went for dinner. After dinner, we went up to the open-air deck and surprise, surprise! We stared in awe at our "dream boat", the SuperStar Virgo, which was docked right beside ours. It was majestically huge and enticing. Daddy and mummy "heart move-moved" and decided that we must go on that ship one fine day...

Well, it's almost like a routine that we must go for the showtime every night. Today's show was Black or White: A Tribute to Michael Jackson. After the show, we were entertained with more dancing and singing...

Dancing to Y-M-C-A! It was FUN!

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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