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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Of Tic Tac Toes and Whales

Tic Tac Toe

Recently, I have learned to play tic-tac-toe. I can understand the concept of the game very well but sometimes I still lack observation and strategy skills to excel in it.

Homemade tic-tac toe... made with Pyssla beads (Don't you just LOVE these beads? hehe) It's environmentally-friendly too... can play it again and again and again without wasting any paper :p

Every night, before going to bed, I will suggest playing (at least) a round of the game first.

*Thinking hard* Hmmm... where shall I put next?

No win, no lose... heh heh heh!

Balancing Whales

Last weekend, daddy and mummy brought home a few bags of "junk" from Mah-Mah's house. While other people are busy spring-cleaning their homes and getting rid of stuff now, they actually brought back more stuff! These "junks" have been stored (left behind) in Mah-Mah's house since they moved out in 2004 (they stayed there for 4 years after marriage) to our current house. Well, among those "junks", they found a TREASURE!

Balancing Whales... 5 wooden blocks carved into the shapes of whales

It was one of the MANY souvenirs that daddy and mummy bought on their first honeymoon to New Zealand back in 2000 (The currency exchange was only NZ$1 to RM1.40 then).

Needless to say, this Balancing Whales instantly became my favourite toy. Day in, day out, I would stack and arrange them on my own while referring to the sample designs given. If daddy was around, he would play with me.

Mummy, see... I made this

Look, mummy... I made this

Yesterday, daddy told me he was busy with some work and asked me to play on my own first. I didn't quite like his idea so I suggested something better... "You one hand do work, one hand play with me lah!"

So one-hand-do-work and one-hand-play-with-me, he did! Hahaha!


  1. hahahhaa... daddy really workaholic ah. no choice la, need to bring food back to u to eat ma. :D

    u r so clever chloe. i still don't really know how to play ttt. mommy taught me once months ago, i didn't really understand. n mommy was impatient to teach me that, so until today, i still haven't got the chance to learn. :(

  2.'re very creative, by using pyslla beads to do tic-tac toe.

    Balancing Whales, look very interesting, poor daddy, have to juggle his work and at the same time to play with Chloe. :)

    Love your new header, very nice.
    Happy New Year!

  3. many brain teaser games for you, best Chinese New Year gifts hor, bet it's better than Ang Pao!^-^

  4. Ohh...I've not introduced this tic tac toe game to YX. You are so creative by using the beads to make your own.

    The balancing whale is really interesting.

    Haha....laughing at daddy...he is such a great father!

  5. The balancing whale look interesting. Nice toy to invest.

  6. My tic-tac-toe koyak a bit already and Spongebob's leg totally patah already :p

    I remember the wood block that you got for us. Ours are a set of Kiwis i think.. still keeping it like treasure and we never open the package till now :p

  7. Those balancing whales is really cool... It's indeed a treasure! Something which is hard to find :)

  8. Very nice and creative tic-tac toe, can play with it somemore.

  9. eeeeeeek like the tic tac toe, clever mommy! cool whales, poor daddy. hahaha!

  10. Hahaha ... daddy is so 'keng', can multitasking leh!!

    Manage to type computer on the floor? I can't do that ...

  11. Chloe's daddy is such a good father to entertain his littles girl's request. Must be very skilled at working and playing with Chloe simultaneously...trained very well by daughter dearest...hehe.

  12. Wow, tic-tac toe is one of Shenny jie jie favourite game too. You are very smart ler, use pyslla beads to make tic-tac toe.

  13. Oh! I have tic tac toe board too at my home!! I'm a tic tac toe lover back then ^^
    Woaaaa, that's a really great toy. Unique one, never see such toy ;D

  14. Haha, your daddy really multi tasking lo Chloe...
    The balancing wheels is something new to me leh, havent seen this toy before.. Looks interesting~

  15. aiyo... daddy! tak sakit tulang kah like dat??? get a lappie table lah :P

    i like the balancing animals!!!!

  16. eh chloe what happened to you? you look so dark in the pictures

  17. oh i love playing tic tac toe. it's very addictive. btw, the whale balancing block is so interesting.

  18. the balancing whales look interesting. now i m going to see if they have it in penguin / sheep..

  19. Mummy is so creative. Use pyssla beads to make a tic tac toe set. Gwen's still learning how to play tic tac toe.

    The balancing whales looks fun. Chloe is good at this kind of game...clever girl.

  20. JC: You mean we got you the kiwi birds set? Totally no idea and can't recall at all haha. Kiwis should be nicer... more NZ-unique :)

    Irene: Huh? Maybe the camera flash is not good enough, cos taken at night or maybe she IS dark? Dunno ler... she didn't go for a suntan though hehe :p

  21. The Balancing Whales is a vy interesting game. Does it require a lot of patience to stack them up?
    And Daddy's the best yeah. ;)


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