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Friday, August 30, 2013

Makan-makan @ Oasis Square

Backdated post: Jul/Aug 2013

There's a new place in our neighbourhood - Oasis Square in Ara Damansara. Well, it is not exactly new but since we only went there for the first time in late July, it was considered new to us. After our first visit, we subsequently made a few more visits with friends and family just to sample some of the many F&B outlets there. 

The first time we went there was during my playdate with Aaron. Auntie Stephanie (Aaron's mom) brought us there for lunch. We had set lunch and salad in a Korean restaurant. The food was good and it was quite reasonably priced too...

Play date and lunch date with my bestie, Aaron

Set lunch that I shared with mummy (because we had a very heavy breakfast before this)

We also shared a large plate of salad...yummy!

The next day, mummy brought daddy there again just to "look-see" and jalan-jalan. We then invited Koo-koo for breakfast the following morning. We ate at Old Town White Coffee...ooh, how we missed their weekday breakfast set (we still do now!). We had our usual fare of toast bread, nasi lemak, half-boiled eggs, coffee and chocolate drink. 

A few days later, the same venue was picked for a dinner date with Auntie BS, mummy's old buddy. We had dinner at Bad Boy Cooks.

I had plain pasta with no "liu" because mummy didn't know they were add-ons and the silly waitress didn't advise when we placed our orders. Anyway, the creamy plain pasta still tasted great!

Daddy had seafood baked rice

Mummy had this unhealthy fish burger and was surprised to see it served like this, with the bun at the bottom

The following day, we had another round of breakfast there with Kau-foo. Kau-foo, daddy and mummy had their thosai and nasi lemak fix while I had something different...

Milo overload... roti tisu Milo and Milo ais

Finally, we had a family dinner there AGAIN on the night before we left for Shanghai. We had a vegetarian meal at Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie...

Daddy's dunno-what fried rice set

Mummy's bittergourd noodles

My dinner was not served and we were told at the very last minute that it was not available. I ended up eating Blueberry Cheesecake for dinner... yay!! (plus a bit of this and that from daddy and mummy's plates).

Egg-less Pistachio and Chocolate cakes...tasted just as good to us :) 

More photos of the place...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Horrible Candy

A few days ago, I came home from school with something hidden in my mouth. It was a "sweet" given to me by my bus teacher. I immediately popped it into my mouth because I thought I could finish it before we reached home and mummy wouldn't know that I have eaten a sweet in the bus... hah!

However, the "sweet" (it was deceivingly wrapped like a candy) turned out be the most awful thing I've ever eaten. I should have known better not to eat it in the first place judging from its "ugly" and wrinkly appearance. Since it was already in my mouth, I had to keep a straight face and dared not spit it out - the bus teacher was just sitting nearby.

It was after reaching home that I finally confessed to mummy... "MummyYang Laoshi (the bus teacher) gave me a sweet but I don't like it. It's not nice. It tastes horrible! It's very, very sour and very, very salty!!" **ptooi... spit the sweet out**

Mummy burst into laughter when she saw the "sweet", which was not a sweet after all. It was a preserved sour plum (shuen mui)...

The remains of the HORRIBLE SWEET hahaha!

Although mummy found my story rather amusing, she is glad and thankful that I did not choke on it while reluctantly "storing" it in my mouth throughout the 7km bus-ride home! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Laman Basikal @ Seremban Lake Garden

Backdated post: July 2013

I have a voracious appetite for books. During our recent holiday back home, we spent most of the weekdays in Ah Ma's house (in Seremban) where I read practically from morning until night, besides playing some games with Gung-gung in between. Yee-por (5th grand aunt) loaned me some Enid Blyton books and believe it or not, I read ALL of them in just 3 weeks! Besides these books, I also read many books from my very own mini library at home.

Bookworm me finished reading this stack of Enid Blyton books in just under 3 weeks!

Ah Ma felt that I needed a break (from just reading) and had on several occasions asked mummy to bring me out for more outdoor activities. She suggested this place...

A miniature "town" for kids to cycle in

Kau-foo rented a bicycle for me... only RM2 per hour. I looked a bit too oversized for the bike but it was the biggest one with training wheels (I can't cycle on 2 wheels yet!)

It's a very nice place for cycling... cool, shady and safe

There's even a real traffic light at one of the junctions (too bad it was not turned on when we were there)

We were the only visitors that day because it was a weekday in the middle of the puasa (fasting) month

There were a few playgrounds scattered around the bicycle park too

Parked my bike in one of these special parking bays while I played at the playgrounds

Some basic town amenities

I enjoyed cycling here very much although we were swarmed and bitten by dozens (or maybe hundreds) of very blood-thirsty mosquitoes!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of School and a Sweet Surprise

Yesterday (19/8/2013) marked another important milestone for me. It was my first day of school as a 2nd Grader. Yes, I am now in Primary 2 although I've just celebrated my 7th birthday barely a week ago! I am like a December child back in Malaysia... untung 1 year :) If I were to be born a month later (in Sept), I would only get to start Primary 1 now... rugi almost a year. Phew, lucky me!

Big girl already... all set to take on the challenges of being a 2nd Grader.

So how was my first day at school? It was GREAT of course because I have been looking forward to this day since weeks ago. I am glad to be in the same class with a few of my old classmates (the school did a student-reshuffling as two new classes were added) and I like my new class teacher because she is not fierce :p

When I got home from school, I was even happier because a little surprise was waiting for me...

A parcel all the way from Malaysia... for me!

It was a (belated) birthday present from Koo-koo (she actually sent it before my birthday but it took weeks to arrive)

Let me read Koo-koo's message in the little card first...

Wow!! A book! A book that I liked. A book that mummy and I fought over and tore took turns to read and finish in 2 days back in Malaysia (the first book). A book that I've always wanted (this second book).

That's not all... this book is specially autographed by Uncle Boey, the author! How cool is that :)

Thank you very much Koo-koo! I love the book very much and that autograph from Uncle Boey is priceless!! You surprised not only me but daddy and mummy as well. Thanks again... Muacks!

Note: Uncle Boey's books may contain some "adult vocab" so reader discretion is advised ;)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

13.8.13 - My Very Simple Birthday

My birthday this year was one of the simplest I've ever had. We did not go anywhere, did not do anything interesting, did not have a party and did not have any special meals. The only privilege I had was being exempted from homework and piano practice. I was given the freedom to play the whole day and to do whatever I liked and wanted. I couldn't be happier!!

The first thing mummy and I did in the morning was to assemble my birthday cake so that I could cut it and open my presents. We decided to try "cake assembly" this time because mummy did not want to buy a big cake for me and end up over-eating it for days. She bought 2 small cakes from a bakery the night before...

Our favourite Japanese cheesecake and a Hello Kitty vanilla mousse, both from Bread Talk.

Firstly, Hello Kitty was carefully placed on top of the cheesecake

Next was a simple cake-decoration with tiny heart-shaped dragonfruit (cut with cookie cutter), chocolate pearls and a self-made no.7 cake topper

Helping out with the decoration...

My simple birthday cake. I loved it! :)

With my cake and presents (mostly carted back from Malaysia)

With my presents... I love them all! Thank you very much daddy, Koo-ma, Yee-ma and Kau-foo :)

This was clearly my favourite... Lego Friends that daddy bought from the U.S during his recent business trip there. I played this the whole day until dinner time!

Dinner was my pick, of course. I whispered to mummy that I wanted McD. As soon as we stepped foot into the mall, we knew that the locals were celebrating something special. The mall was unusually CROWDED. Restaurants and eateries were packed with long queues waiting at their entrances. However, the crowd at McD was normal so McD it was, for us :p

The very happy me with my Happy Meal and a Smurf wind-up toy :)

The special day turned out to be Qixi, the 7th day of the 7th lunar calendar... it was Chinese Valentine's Day (also called the Double Seventh Festival)! No wonder everyone came out to "pak thor". We saw many ladies holding pretty bouquets while flowers were also sold in some unlikely places.

After dinner, I continued playing with my Lego and delayed my bedtime to midnight because I didn't want the day to come to an end. I even insisted on Skype-ing Ah Ma at 11.30pm because I wanted to thank her for the birthday angpau. 

So that's how I spent my big day this year. Although it was a simple and ordinary one, I felt very happy and enjoyed myself very much!

P.S. I received many birthday wishes in mummy's FB too. A big thanks to all the lovely aunties for their thoughtful wishes. I read all of them and kept asking mummy "who is this?" Haha!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am seven years old today.

Height: 132cm 
Weight: +- 28kg

Physically, I look like a 9-year-old and mentally, I sometimes talk like a 30-year-old hahaha... "Mummy, don't eat so much **** it will make you fat!" "Daddy, do you love your job or do you work just for the money?" "Next time when I grow up, I dont want to marry a China man... I want to go back to Malaysia to find a husband". These are just some of my funny but mature conversations at age 6+.

This year, I will be celebrating my birthday at home away from home and this is something new, different and special for me as well as for daddy and mummy. 

Daddy and mummy's love letter for me this year is a rather "cincai" and impromptu one because mummy did not prepare it in advance like what she usually did in the previous years...

To our Beloved Darling Girl,

Thank you for giving us 7 years of pride and joy. It seems like every year, we thank you for the same thing because you are indeed a joy to have and to raise! In fact every day, we feel thankful and blessed to have you as our precious daughter. Daddy and mummy wish you a lifetime of happiness, good health and success (in your studies for now). May you continue to be the good girl that you already are... obedient, cheerful, funny, witty, adorable and loving! We LOVE you "all the numbers"!!!

Hugs n kisses,
Daddy & Mummy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetheart! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Selangor or Terengganu?

Touching down in KLIA, reaching PJ and entering our home sweet home was the best feeling ever!! The first thing that greeted us was our very clean house, thanks to these two very important people -  Koo-koo (daddy's sister) and Kau-foo (mummy's brother). Thanks a million for helping to take care of our home while we are away.

Next was this pile of letters, accumulated over a period of 7 months...

Bills, newsletters, bank statements, insurance statements and misc mails

Although daddy has already subscribed to a number of e-letters, e-billings and other electronic mails, our mailbox was still flooded with this mountain-high of physical letters by the hundreds. It took daddy and mummy over 2 days to finish browsing them all :p

Among this pile of letters, some of them were mine and this one in particular attracted our attention (actually it was Kau-foo who spotted the mistake)...

Since when did we move to Terengganu or could there be another Petaling Jaya in Terengganu too? 

We found this blunder rather amusing though hahaha! Luckily my Ikea Smales newsletter did not get lost and managed to find its way to our mailbox :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our First Homecoming Trip - The Flight

6th July 2013 - Mummy and I flew back to KLIA on our own. It was our maiden flight without daddy around so I decided to throw her a little challenge...

Not even 30 minutes into our 3pm flight, after drinking a cup of apple juice (served with salted peanuts that I did not even touch), I told mummy that I felt nauseous. I was not sick and was perfectly fine prior to this. Mummy quickly rummaged through the pile of magazines in the seat pouch in search of the air-sickness bag but before she could find it, I had projectile-vomited all over the place!! Mid-air disaster...

The apple juice, together with the fried rice that I had for lunch earlier in a Japanese restaurant at the Pudong airport re-emerged and landed on the floor, the seat, seatbelt, pillow, blanket, mummy's jeans, mummy's sweater as well as on my own sweater and pants. Oh my, one can only imagine the mess, not to mention the stench that lingered throughout our 5-hour flight! 

Mummy apologised profusely to the very helpful and understanding stewardess who in turn apologised back to mummy because they had failed to replenish the air-sickness bag in the seat pouch. There wasn't any in it. The very kind stewardess then gave me a new set of everything, including 2 blankets (one to line the seat) plus a box of tissue paper and a few wet towels to clean myself up. 

No mood, no appetite... this was how I looked throughout the flight. I did not touch my dinner at all so mummy "tapau-ed" everything home :p

Mummy's jeans... soiled by her Puke Princess

The aftermath souvenirs... Tissue paper, a small stack of air sickness bag and mummy curi-curi took home all the wet towels...ssshhh! (wiped puke already, not nice to let other people re-use hehe)

3 August 2013 - Daddy, mummy and I flew back to Shanghai after nearly a month of blissful vacation (only 7 days for daddy) in PJ and Seremban. We woke up at 5am to catch our 9am flight. We only went to bed at around 1am the night before so I was extremely sleep-deprived and grouchy.

*Yawn* I could barely stay awake! *Yawn*

Too sleepy to eat... zzzzzzzzzzzz....

Our flight home was less eventful because I slept away 80% of the journey. When the meal was served, I could only manage half a bun. I even fell asleep while chewing the bun haha! Needless to say, all the food on my tray parted ways into daddy and mummy's tummies :) Mummy kept only the buns, yoghurt, muesli bar and juice for me. 

This trip back was quite a memorable one for us... on one way, I played Puke Princess and on the other, I was Sleeping Beauty ;)

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