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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My JP Collection

I used to love this game very much when I was a little toddler. I loved it so much that mummy kept buying more and more for me while friends and relatives also chipped in a few sets for me. As my collection grew, mummy bought a big box (well, actually medium-sized lah) to store them. Since the day they went into storage, I rarely played with them anymore.

Today, mummy and I had a very fun afternoon digging them out one by one. We played and played and played until daddy came home from work... to find the dining table bare. Sorry dad, no dinner cos mummy was busy playing this with me...

Can you guess what's inside this box?

OK, let me give you a clue... you join them piece by piece like this until a nice picture is formed

Yes, it's a jigsaw puzzle... and here is my collection!

The above collection does not include these two boxes because both mummy and I do not have the patience to sit through, flip, find, match and join 500 tiny pieces together. Well, maybe not now but one fine day, we will.

Here are some of the interesting ones...

This is my very first jigsaw puzzle. It is a wooden, 16-piece, set of 2, which mummy bought from Tesco at only RM5.90. Very cheap, right? I started playing and solving this puzzle when I was barely 2 years old (at 21 months old). Of course, I played them day and night, probably for more than 200 times, before I had a new set haha!

The moment I saw this puzzle, I exclaimed "We played this in the cruise ship!" Yes, mummy bought this for me from an off-shore tour in Phuket while cruising in SuperStar Libra last year. Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to complete this 108-piece puzzle and left the job to mummy...

These two are my smallest and simplest puzzles. They are the free gifts that came with the Enfagrow Tetrapak that mummy bought in Phuket on our cruise trip.

Disney Princesses... a special present from daddy's colleague, Uncle Syed... for dunno what ocassion (mummy has forgotten!)

And two books... there is a jigsaw puzzle in every page

This set of foam 3-D puzzles are quite cute and interesting too. Although it's not a jigsaw puzzle, it landed in the same box so we played with it as well. It was given by Auntie Jennifer.

More puzzles from See-yee Por, Kau-foo, Tai Koo Ma and Auntie BS

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Love to Eavesdrop

I may look blur and unaware of my surroundings most of the time but surprise, surprise! I actually love reporting all the happenings in school to mummy. And where do I get all the information from? I eavesdrop, of course haha!

Info 1 - I know her brother's name
Me: Mummy, do you know that Krysta (my classmate) has a baby brother? His name is Oscar.
Mummy: How do you know?
Me: I listen lah. I listen when Krysta was talking to teacher.

Info 2 - I know where he went and when he's coming back
Me: Mummy, do you know that Aaron (my classmate) didn't come to school because he went to Singapore? He is coming back on Monday.
Mummy: How do you know?
Me: I heard. When he was talking to teacher, I heard.

Info 3 - I even know what he is allergic to
Me: Mummy, Sri Ganesh (my classmate) cannot eat food with cream, you know.
Mummy: Really? Why?
Me: He will cough.
Mummy: How do you know?
Me: Teacher said lah... I heard.

Info 4 - I also know mummy's secrets *grin*
Me: Mummy, is this your *secret*?
Mummy: Yes, how do you know?
Me: You told daddy ma... I heard.
Mummy: *Must learn to whisper more often* haha!

And there are many more other stories which mummy has forgotten to jot down. Sometimes, the accuracy of my info is questionable...

Me: Mummy, today I have a new friend in school. A girl :)
Mummy: Oh, what's her name?
Me: Zebra.
Mummy: Zebra? Did you hear wrongly?
Me: Yes, it's Zebra. I heard teacher calling her Zebra many times. I got listen!


So innocent-looking... but I'm actually a Little Miss Nosey in disguise (pic courtesy of Koo-koo)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Mummy is Mean

I have a new bad habit. I like to jump on the sofa. I have never done this before, not even when I was younger. Recently, don't know why, I have been up to a lot of monkey businesses at home. Mummy's mouth is already "sore" from the repeated scoldings and warnings, and she is quite fed-up of reprimanding me. Just this morning, she "roared" at me, whacked me and gave me a stern warning after I was caught in the act again.

By evening, her monstrous roar must have faded into oblivion as I couldn't help "indulging" in that fun activity again while mummy was busy mopping the floor. This time, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. She was just a few steps away from me when she heard a loud thud. A really loud thud. When she turned around, she found me sprawled on the floor, face down. I must have fallen off the sofa, hit my face and knocked my head really hard on the floor.

I screamed my head off and writhed in pain. Mummy quickly rushed to me only to add salt to my wound. Instead of coming to my aid or to check if I was ok, she came to smack me real hard (on my arm) and yelled at me for disobeying her. Mummy was ENRAGED to see the result of her unheeded warnings. Instead of comforting me, she kept jeering "Very good!" and walked away. That's how cruel and merciless she is!

Luckily daddy, my HERO, came to my rescue almost immediately. As if that wasn't enough, just when I have stopped crying (after daddy sayang-ed me), mummy summoned me to the "naughty wall" for a few minutes of time-out. It was then that she finally inspected me from head to toe to look for signs of injury...

No bumps, no bruise... I'm A-okay!

My mummy is downright MEAN, right? Well, I better not jump on the sofa anymore! *scared*

And the Fun Continues...

We woke up to a gloomy, rainy morning on the second day (of our family trip in PD). Unable to go for our planned morning walk in the Balinese garden, we just lepak-ed in the apartment. We kept ourselves happily occupied with food and games.

Playing catch-ball with Tai Koo Ma.

When the rain finally stopped at about 10am+, warm sunshine greeted us. Hayley jie-jie and Jeremy kor-kor went for a swim but I did not join them. We went for our "postponed" morning walk in the garden instead. (Mummy didn't allow me to swim because I was down with a very phlegm-y cough)

We took a very slow walk in the beautifully landscaped garden

Greetings from "Bali" hahaha

Very nice!

Something in the pond attracted us. We saw a lot of tadpoles in it.

Look daddy... so many tadpoles!

Daddy scooped a few out for me to play with.

Surprisingly, I had the courage to touch it and even wanted to hold it in my palms.

Quick! Give it to me, dad.

Little tadpole swimming in my little hands

After that, I spent about 15 minutes playing in the children's play room.

The spacious and comfortable play room

Playing a racing and shooting game with daddy

Soon, it was time to check-out and leave. We went to Lukut for lunch in a restaurant called Lucky Seafood. This restaurant is famous for its King Buns.

Those are the XL buns with curry fillings in it

We ordered 2 curry King Buns and had rice with dishes: Claypot tofu, bamboo clams, sweet and sour pork, paku veggie and steamed fish *Burp*

On the way home, we dropped by Ah Ma's house in Seremban to return some stuff. We also stopped for more food. This time, it was just something light and refreshing... we had cendol in the town.

Mmmm... Hayley jie-jie and I savouring our bowl of fragrant and delicious cendol

We headed straight home after that. We reached home at about 6pm and mummy even managed to cook us a simple and healthy dinner. It was quite a tiring trip for the adults but totally fun for us kids!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Day in PD

Last Sunday, we went to Port Dickson for a short 2D1N family vacation. We went with daddy's family, which included Mah Mah, Yeh Yeh, Tai Koo Ma, Johnny Koo-jeong, Jeremy kor-kor, Yee Koo Ma, Hayley jie-jie, Koo-koo, Nelson Koo-jeong and of course, daddy, mummy and I. All 12 of us went in 3 cars. We reached the hotel just before noon.

We stayed in the Ancasa All Suites

Waiting at the lobby while daddy was busy with the checking-in procedures... I was instantly attracted to these cute chairs

Daddy booked 2 apartment units (each with 2 rooms) and 2 extra beds to accommodate all of us. Although the apartments were rather old, they were overall quite pleasant and comfortable.

The bedrooms

Next, we went for lunch at a nearby kopitiam. Here are just some of the food that we had...

A manja-moment with daddy... I love it when he cradles me like a baby *manja*

Next activity... swimming!

With cousins Hayley and Jeremy

A very happy pic (taken by Koo-koo)

I had a good 45 minutes swim in the icy-cold pool and ended up with a bad, chesty cough the next day :( 45 mins wasn't quite enough and mummy had to threaten me and drag me out of the pool! We rested and relaxed on bed after a good, warm shower.

Aaaah! So somfy...

In the evening, we walked to the beach to view the beautiful sunset.

Walked past this pretty Balinese garden on our way to the beach

Squatting beside daddy, waiting for the sun to go down

The sun sitting on the horizon

In just a matter of seconds, it had sunken below the horizon

Silhouette of daddy, me and a coconut tree

Nice skyline after the sunset

Soon, it was dinnertime. We drove to a nearby restaurant called Weng Yin Seafood Village. It was just 5 minutes' drive from the hotel. At the restaurant, I was completely knocked out and slept on daddy's arm throughout the entire meal. I managed to wake up towards the end of the meal (again, after some threatening from mummy!) and gobbled up a plate of rice.

Here's what happens when I skip my afternoon nap

Here's the nice meal that I missed... (except for the prawns and veggies that were non-spicy).

2 jugs of sugar cane & waterchestnut herbal tea, Chinese-herbs chicken, stir-fried yau-mak, fish, mantis prawns and steamed fresh prawns

To be continued...

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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