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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little Something For Teacher (3)

We celebrated Teacher's Day in my kindy today. Mummy and I decided to make something for my dedicated teachers at the very last minute, which was yesterday. Mummy suggested making the Horlicks Doggie Cookies that we made last time and I happily agreed with her idea.

I "started work" immediately after returning home (and after bath, of course) from my kindy field trip to Pusat Sains Negara. I was eager to start work despite waking up at 6:30am and was out the whole day with no proper rest in between.

Girl at work...

Tada! Aren't they cute? My job was to assemble the doggies' features... Koko Krunch for the ears, chocolate rice for the eyes and chocolate chip for the nose

Mummy praised me for a job well done. These doggies looked much better than those in our previous batch (but somehow tasted not as good)

Baked and stored in glass jars 

Mummy also helped me make these mini cards (as gift tags)...

... and I wrote a short note in Chinese for my teacher inside the mini card, thanking her for her guidance and care

A simple gift for my 3 lovely teachers

This morning, when mummy sent me to school, she was greeted by my school principal Ms J, who quickly fished out the craft that we made for her last year. Ms J thanked us again for last year's gift and said that she loved it very much. Needless to say, mummy and I were beaming :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Arts and Crafts Day: Pistachio Shells

The box of pistachio shells has been sitting on my table since Chinese New Year and daddy, had on many occasions, threatened to throw it away. Finally, on Sunday (Mother's Day), mummy decided to spend some quality time with me... by doing arts and crafts with me. We also did a similar nutty craft last year.

This time, we produced 3 crafts with these trash shells. The first one was a "cherry blossom" tree. This was inspired by something similar that mummy saw on Little Chumsy's Blog recently.

Glue-ing the shells onto the art block (with UHU glue) was quite tricky so mummy did this for me.

I painted the shells with pink water-colour

Shoddy work! We should have painted the shells before sticking them here. It was difficult to paint the shells without smearing the paper.

Our somewhat cherry blossom tree (mummy helped to paint the branches and stems)

Craft 1, done! I wrote some wordings for mummy at the bottom of the tree

The next craft was the egg carton caterpillar. This was totally not related to the pistachio shells but in the end, mummy had a new idea...

Let's paint the caterpillar first...

Adding some finishing touches to my colourful caterpillar...

Tada! Colourful catterpillars wearing pistachio shell shoes :)

Craft 3 was a simple tortoise pond... (using the cover of the egg carton)

... with pistachio-tortoises in it. Cute, eh?

On another note, I also made a card and a keychain for mummy last Thursday when she attended the special Mother's Day celebration (themed Sweet Hues of Pastel) in school with me. 

The simple carnation card that I made for mummy

The inside of the card

The keychain that mummy and I made together

Unfortunately, mummy can't blog about this event because she had accidentally deleted all the photos and videos of the event. She took so many nice singing and dancing videos of me... silly, silly mummy!!! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

What's For Lunch? Part VII

My lunch menu just got bigger and better... bigger in portions and better in terms of variety, with increased servings of vegetables and fruits. Trained from young to eat lots of fruits and veggies, mummy is glad to see me chomping down raw vegetables without any complaints :) Here are some of my favourite meals, all prepared by mummy...

Egg with baked baby potatoes, organic lettuce, corn and cherry tomato salad and grapes

Stir-fried wholewheat spaghetti with organic greens, carrot and egg, homemade fishballs, guava, orange and strawberry

Pumpkin chicken rice, cold zucchini, pear and Junior Juice 

Egg-cheese-mayo sandwich with organic lettuce, grapes, cherry tomatoes and a sweet treat... Fredo milk chocolate

The 7-Treasure Fried Rice... fried brown rice with egg, corn, red capsicum, asparagus, long bean, carrot and homemade fish cake, starfruit and grape and organic pandan soya milk (homemade by mummy) 

Mini chia-seed buns (home-baked by mummy) with egg, lettuce, carrot, banana and unsweetened barley water 

Japanese udon with egg, carrot, cabbage, homemade fish cake strips, okonomiyaki sauce and topping, strawberries, grapes and another sweet treat... Maltesers chocolate malt balls

Mini pizzas... mixed herbs bread with mushroom, tomato and cheese, blanched broccoli, apple and Milo

Chicken rice (mummy's style)... butter & garlic rice with soy sauce chicken and mushroom, bean sprouts (the spring onion is homegrown in our balcony), cold cucumber, grapes and prunes  

Chicken salad... shredded chicken with mayo, organic lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Mickey & Minnie pancakes, grapes and orange 

Toasted tortilla with braised turnip and chicken (a la popiah), organic greens, kiwifruit, papaya and sweet potato tong-sui

Creamy chicken & mushroom pasta (mummy made the yummylicious cream sauce from scratch), organic salad with raisins and fresh lychees

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake that mummy improvised with mashed potato, prawns, shredded cabbage and carrot and wrapped with an egg), corn, edamame and plum

The portions may look big but on most days, I am able to finish everything on the plate in one sitting Sometimes I will stagger the meal and reserve some for later. I always look forward to lunch and I enjoy lunch more than dinner (cos dinner is usually the boring rice with dishes).

Here's Part 6 and more.

Monday, May 7, 2012

I Won't Be a Monster Mom Like You!

I did it again... I was caught filling water into the tube of toothpaste. The last time I did this (a couple of months ago), the remaining half of the toothpaste was ruined... it became watery, diluted and unusable. I was given a stern warning on never to do this again.

Independent in the bathroom... I can manage all the "bathroom businesses" on my own (from small to big, including bath). However, whenever I'm unusually quiet for a while, I'm definitely up to something no good... 

Last Saturday morning, mummy caught me repeating the same offence on another tube of toothpaste. Unable to contain the rage in her, she spanked and scolded me. When asked to explain my misdeed, I complained that the toothpaste was too hard and by adding water, I was merely trying to soften the paste to ease application! *mummy rolled eyes* Me and my grand idea.

As usual, after the anger in her had subsided, mummy scooped me into her arms, hugged me and sayang-ed me back. I was very close to tears when I muttered something softly to her "Next time when I have a baby and when my baby is naughty, I will not scold". Wallowing in self-pity, I then burst into tears! :'-(

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sloth

Because I'm a sloth ma...

That's the reason I gave after being repeatedly nagged by mummy for taking forever to get things done. Yes, there's a sloth in me and mummy is not very happy about this. She feels very stressed to see me doing things without the slightest sense of urgency...

- On average, I take about 1 hour to finish a meal. No matter how hungry I am or how delicious the food is (i.e my favourite food), the fastest I can finish is 30-45 minutes and the slowest... up to 2 hours, sometimes even longer! There was once, I started eating my dinner at 7pm and by the time my bowl was empty, it was close to 9.30pm... bedtime already... *yawn*

I'm not slow, I'm just savouring my food...

- I am very slow in writing and take a looooooong time to complete my homework every afternoon. Besides writing slowly stroke by stroke, I also like to daydream, walk around (very easily distracted) and dilly dally, stretching my daily homework time to the hours sometimes.

- I love it when mummy lets me bathe on my own because that's when the fun begins. I will take a looooooong and slow one... playing with water, shampoo, body shampoo (and waste a lot of them in the process). Mummy can't hurry me because I will tell her "I'm not done/clean yet".

- Every morning when we are rushing for time, I will slowly drag my feet to the bathroom, brush my teeth in slow motion, take my sweet time to fill up water in the cup (to brush my teeth), letting the water trickle slowly from the tap! I will also eat my breakfast at snail's pace and I do not seem to understand the word "late".

If I were to have a race with a sloth, I think the sloth would win.

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