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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rice and Dirt for Dinner

Last night, mummy cooked my favourite dishes for dinner... pan-fried fish, tomato omelette and stir-fried greens with bunapi mushroom. I was so happy with my big bowl of rice (sprinkled with chia seeds) that I kept praising and thanking her as I shoved mouthful after mouthful of rice into my mouth. However, not even halfway through my meal, the bowl suddenly "skidded" off the dining table, plunged 3ft down and landed upside down on the floor with rice and everything else scattered on my lap and all over the floor! Luckily the bowl was an unbreakable stainless steel.

Needless to say, mummy was fuming mad!!! Mad because this was the result of her repeated warnings gone unheeded. You see, I have this bad habit of not holding the bowl when I eat (I usually eat with a bowl and spoon only). I like to eat with just one hand, allowing the bowl to move about on the frictionless glass-top dining table. The other hand is usually idle or used to entertain distractions... touch this, touch that. "HOLD THE BOWL" is screamed at me almost every day but it wasn't until last night that I finally realised the need to do so.

Ok, back to the mess. I was forced to pick up everything on the floor... every single grain and morsel. AND I was told to eat it all up, dirt and all. Mummy did not care anymore if that would make me sick (the floor was actually quite clean because she just wiped it). She was fed up of nagging me and she just wanted me to deal with the consequences of my stubbornness. I was also made to wipe the floor 3 times and to make sure there was no oily or sticky residue left on the floor. I did everything as told, in complete silence (only opened my mouth once to apologise).

When asked how did I like the "gar liu" (added ingredient) rice, I just smiled. No comments. Hahaha! Evil or not, my mummy?

Continue eating my rice scooped up from the floor... a little bit of dirt does the body no harm and it still tastes good anyway haha :p 

Note: I eat alone at the dining table most of the time because it is cluttered with my school books (half done homework), leaving no space for mummy and daddy. They prefer to have TV dinner on the living room sofa ;)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eating Out 3: Saizeriya

Saizeriya is a chain of family-style Italian restaurant that originates from Japan. It serves a variety of western meals at very affordable prices. Although the food here is very mediocre and isn't the best we have tasted, we somehow keep going back for more (mainly because of its attractive pricing and pleasant dining atmosphere).

We had all these during our last few visits here...

Garlic bread, RMB4 (RM2)

Clam chowder, RMB8 (RM4)

Tuna salad, RMB11 (RM5.50)... Portion is generous and the veggies are very fresh and crunchy!

Cheesy baked potato with bacon, RMB9 (RM4.50)

Grilled squid, RMB16 (RM8)

The pizzas here are only available in one standard size, which is the regular 9-inch and the most expensive one costs only RMB24 (RM12) each. Cheap!

Tuna mayo pizza, RMB22 (RM11)

Shrimp pizza, RMB20 (RM10)

Bacon and pineapple pizza, RMB23 (RM11.50)

Chicken pizza, RMB24 (RM12)

Seafood spaghetti in tomato sauce, RMB13 (RM6.50)

Creamy smoked salmon spaghetti, RMB13 (RM6.50)

Basilico spaghetti, RMB12 (RM6)

Spicy mushroom spaghetti RMB10 (RM5)

Seafood gratin, RMB12 (RM6)

Seafood risotto, RMB10 (RM5)

Garlic chicken chop, RMB14 (RM7)

Italian wine for only RMB6 a glass (RM3)

Bottomless drink at RMB7 (RM3.50)... and sharing is allowed *super like* :) Choices of drinks include juices, iced lemon tea, soft drinks and a Nestle hot drink machine that dispenses various flavours of milk, tea, coffee, Milo and rich cocoa drinks. We enjoy the hot drinks the most!

A dunno-what ice-cream dessert, RMB10 (RM5)... this was the lousiest dessert we have ever eaten. The ice-cream was dry, flaky and tasteless :(

Tiramisu, RMB12 (RM6)... Yummy!

The restaurant from the outside... during lunch and dinner peak hours, we have to queue up (the queue can be very long sometimes) to get in.

Note: Mummy does not eat processed meat (bacon, sausages etc.) and she doesn't allow me to eat them either. They are usually put aside or sometimes, daddy would sapu all, although not encouraged by mummy ;)

Friday, May 24, 2013

This is All Your Fault!

Recently, mummy and I went shoe-shopping. I saw a pair that I really liked but unfortunately, it was not available in my size. The biggest size was still too small for me. Since I liked it very much and insisted on having it, I settled for another colour (but same design) of my choice.

However, still feeling rather dissatisfied that I could not have what I initially wanted, I came up with a silly accusation right after mummy has made the payment...

Me: Mummy, this is all your fault!
Mummy: Huh? What fault?
Me: Because of you, I can't wear that shoe.
Mummy: Eh, eh... why blame me pulak???
Me: Because you always give me so much rice to eat, make me grow so much until I always cannot fit into the shoes that I like...
Mummy: *speechless at first, then rolls eyes and laughs out loud* 

Shoe-shopping has never been easy or fun for me because I am a "Bigfoot". I have a pair of extremely fast-growing feet. Very soon, I can forget about shopping at the children's shoe section. As it is now, I am already wearing adult-sized socks.

My foot (on the right) in comparison with mummy's standard size 7 foot... and I am not even 7 years old yet! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Salad for Mom

On 3rd May, two weeks before Mother's Day, I brought home a little something for mummy. It was a small box of Italian lettuce that I planted in school. This lettuce was part of my school's ongoing Farm-to-School project. Before this, I also planted some cherry radishes and harvested them for my lunch at school. I also made a scarecrow using recycled materials at home and placed it at our vegetable plot. 

Well, back to 3rd May... Mummy was very surprised and happy to receive this gift... all grown, taken care of and harvested by my very own little hands...

Italian lettuce FRESH from my school farm :) 

One week later, on the Friday just before the Mother's Day weekend, I brought home more surprises for mummy. I made two things in class...

First, I made a "You are my number 1" medal 

Then I made salad with my class teacher. It was a rather special salad which included peanuts and white radish on top of the usual salad ingredients like lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato and broccoli.

It was so yummy that I "fought" for the last bit and even "drank" up all the dressing @-@

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun Fridays and 1st Progress Report

Fun Fridays

I love Fridays because I don't have to rush home to do my homework after school. On other days (Mon-Thurs), I usually spend the whole evening (sometimes even until bedtime) trying to complete my ever-increasing but never-ending pile of homework. 

Sometimes, it is not surprising to find me dozing off even before my homework time begins...

School is fun but very tiring as well... 

Well, Fun Friday means not going home to do homework right after school. Fun Friday means getting off the schoolbus and heading straight to the nearby mall...

... to enjoy my favourite egg tart (the custard is very smooth, milky, creamy, aromatic and addictive!)...

... and drink my favourite fruit juice...

... and then head over to the park just opposite the mall... pick flowers from the ground and peel off their petals (I love you, I love you not)...

... or just prop one on my ear... Nice? 

After a fun outing, we usually go home for bath and dinner (that mummy has pre-cooked earlier). I even get to watch a DVD of my choice on bed before retiring for the day. How fun, eh? Totally no homework on Fridays! :)

1st Progress Report

I received my first progress report for Term 3 last month. Despite missing all the lessons for Term 1 and 2, I had no problem catching up with my studies. My class teacher commented that I am a very keen learner and I display great enthusiasm towards learning. I am quiet most of the time but I do participate in classroom activities when prompted to. I fared quite well in all the subjects except Social Studies (mummy is not sure about the content of this subject because there is no book and very little homework for this). All my lessons and study materials and are based on the Singapore syllabus.

I scored full marks for English and Maths :) 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

An Evening at The Bund

We went to The Bund again some time back, on the same day that we visited Yu Yuan Garden. Surprisingly, it was ME who asked to go there again and when asked why, I simply replied "just to lepak la" :) 

The last time we came here, it was still in the middle of winter and the freezing cold drove us away even before the sky turned dark. This time, we stayed around until all the buildings were brightly lit up. We bought our favourite street snack and "lepak-ed" there until daddy managed to capture some nice photos of the place. 

The main view at the Bund is the Lujiazui Business District. During the day, there is nothing special about this place....

... But when the buildings start lighting up one by one, the place comes to life.

Some spring blossoms at our sitting area (a long, elevated wooden deck)

Our favourite street snack... Sweet and delicious roasted sweet potatoes. It's so aromatic that you can smell it from a mile away! 

The massive Saturday crowd on one side of the Bund...

... and the quieter side on the other.

A very common picture that you would find in many Shanghai postcards ;)

The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Bund at night (it is just a stone's throw away from the famous Nanjing Road)

To get to the nearest subway station (to go home), we had to walk through Nanjing Road (from one end to the other) again

                                          Night scene in the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Onion to the Rescue!

Last Thursday night, when we were getting ready to go to bed, I complained to mummy that my left ear was a little painful. Mummy paid no attention to it :( Later that night, when I was supposed to be already asleep (I am currently still co-sleeping with daddy and mummy for more warmth), mummy noticed that I kept tossing, turning and making a lot of noise, obviously very disturbed by the discomfort and could not sleep well.

It was about 11pm and daddy was already sound asleep while mummy was still Candy-Crushing :p when I woke up crying. I told mummy that my ear was very, very, very painful. I cried until I vomited as usual (hmm, what's new?). Mummy was about to hand me the vomit bucket (only just 1ft away) when I couldn't hold it any longer and threw up on my pyjamas, bolster, bed and quilt. Aaaargh!

After cleaning up the mess, mummy quickly Googled for an easy (and temporary) home remedy for earache. She browsed through many tips and suggestions (mostly recommended vinegar) until one of the threads caught her attention. It had 87 comments and many of the comments were positive feedbacks, thanking the contributor for sharing.

Since we had onions at home, mummy felt that there was no harm in trying it too. She followed the instructions closely... Sliced the onion, heated it over the stove fire and placed one piece in my ear (when it has cooled a little). The onion gave me instant relief and within minutes, I dozed off and was fast asleep. No more tossing, turning and crying. The onion really worked like magic!

This was the reason why onions worked :)

When I woke up the next morning, the pain was gone. However, over the next couple of days, I could still feel a very slight pain in my left ear every now and then. Daddy and mummy decided to bring me to see a doctor just in case there was an infection, which could lead to complications later.

On Saturday, we went to a hospital to consult an ENT specialist. The doctor examined my ears and revealed to daddy and mummy (through enlarged photos on the screen) that both my ears were stuffed with a huge amount of ear wax! My ear wax is the wet and sticky type (very hard to clean but mummy still helps me to clean them from time to time).... so the doctor did a thorough cleansing on both my ears and found a slight infection near my left eardrum. I was given some ear drops to clear the infection. The doctor also cautioned me not to let water get into my ears. When I go swimming, I'm encouraged to wear ear plugs.

Cleaning in progress...

This "machine" was used to suck the sh** out of my ears ;)

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