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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Recently, Tai Koo Ma gave me a bag of surprise. In it was a set of Vtech V.Smile game console (with 5 game cartridges) belonging to Jeremy kor-kor. Jeremy kor-kor is a big boy now and has progressed to more sophisticated smartphone games. (Too bad mummy isn't a fan of gadgets like smartphones so I do not have the chance to play with one)

Plug and play... educational games that feature popular cartoon characters such as Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Thomas & Friends

I love playing with this in Toys R Us and departmental stores. Tai Koo Ma must have gotten a hint after seeing this pic that mummy posted last month hehe...

I'm so happy that I do not have to wait for mall trips to play with this. I can now play it in the comfort of my own home! Everyday, after coming back from school, this is what I look forward to the most, after taking my bath and lunch. Here are my various playing styles...

The serious upright

The lazy front-lean

The relaxing recline

And finally, the "sleep mode" haha. Don't laugh, I'll beat you in my dreams!

I fell asleep while playing with one of the Thomas games today (after about 45 minutes into the game) and I actually remained in this position, still holding on to the joystick, for a good 20 minutes hahaha!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A 5-Minute Terror in the Mall

On Sunday, 27th March 2011, at 8:30pm, something happened to me and that incident will forever be etched in daddy and mummy's memory.

We were in Amcorp Mall, right after a book-buying spree in BookXcess. While browsing something in Hot Value Mart on the LG floor, I went missing! The 3 of us were walking together all the time but when daddy and mummy moved on to the next aisle, I did not follow them.

Within a few seconds, as soon as daddy and mummy noticed my vanishing act, they called out my name. There was no response. They immediately combed the shop aisle by aisle, looking for me. Nope, I wasn't in the shop. Panic-stricken, mummy ran out of the shop to scan the whole area outside, hoping to spot me somewhere but no, I was nowhere to be seen!

Soon, the frantic search began. The anxiety level in mummy was so extreme that she felt dizzy and nauseous and nearly puked at the thought of not finding me! Negative thoughts filled her mind too, as she recalled reading about missing young girls in the newspapers that were never found.

The short, 5-minute search felt like an eternity as they walked around looking for me in vain. Just when mummy was feeling hopeless, trembling in fear and close to tears, she saw me emerging from the Giant supermarket nearby. I was holding the hand of a security guard, crying uncontrollably but silently! If only I had cried a little louder or screamed my lungs out or whatever...

That was truly a traumatic experience for all of us and we have each learned a valuable lesson from this ordeal.

Lesson for me: I must always, always stay close to daddy or mummy and never leave their side. I should also hold one of their hands at all times, if possible.

Lesson for daddy and mummy: This is a wake-up call for them... to always stay alert and be aware of my whereabouts. All this while, they thought such incidents would only happen to other people... especially negligent parents who never supervise their kids. Now, they know. It can happen to anyone in just a split second!

Monday, March 28, 2011

2 Parks in a Day

Last Saturday, we did not go anywhere and stayed at home nearly the whole day. As the evening was approaching, daddy and mummy decided to bring me to a park. We went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa in KL because I have never been there before while daddy and mummy's last trip there was about 10 years ago!

It was very, very hot and sunny at 5pm+ so mummy slathered a generous layer of sunblock all over my arms and legs.

It is quite a scenic park but not shady enough

Hello, cat. Bye, cat! I love cats and I like to talk to them hehe...

While walking (and jogging), we saw horse rides and horse-carriage rides. Mummy asked if I would like to try horse-riding (it cost only RM1 per ride) but I wasn't interested at all (because I was scared). We decided to ride on the horse-carriage instead. This was even cheaper, at RM0.50 (child) and RM1 (adult) for a single-round ride.

Ready, steady.... hey, wait for my mummy! (she's still busy snapping photos there)

My very first horse-carriage ride... hehehehe.... this is fun. I likey :)

Poor horsey... kena "rotan" by the uncle every now and then throughout our ride

After about an hour of walking under the hot sun, we felt tired, thirsty and hungry. We stopped for snacks at a lakeside cafe...

Wash hands first... also my first time washing hands like this

Happily munching on my butter and condensed milk toast

Look, mummy! I see a rainbow at the fountain! Can you see it too?

The rest of our time was spent at the playground. It was HUGE and I refused to leave... until almost nightfall.

(Pic taken from our moving car) When we left the park it was already this dark... and the bright lights of the KLCC twin towers gave daddy and mummy another impromptu idea...

In about an hour's time, it was going to be Earth Hour and they suggested going there to see the lights go off at the twin towers. We headed there straightaway without any second thoughts. We bought some food from the Isetan supermarket and had a night picnic at the KLCC park. That's how we ended up going to two parks in one day!

Before and during Earth Hour at the Petronas Twin Towers

We even went shopping in KLCC after the lights went out and quickly returned one hour later to see it being lighted up again haha. Crazy, eh?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Gai-gai" With Mummy

Mummy has finally mustered enough courage to drive to the neighbourhood malls. Yay! During the recent school holidays, she brought me out two days in a row. We went "dating" again... just the two of us :)

In our first outing, we went to The Curve/Ikano/Ikea. The highlight of this outing was my very first visit to Ikea's playland called Smaland.

I had a light snack of Ikea's curry-puff and vanilla ice-cream before playtime.

The curry puff was ssssssssssspicy but I loved it *put tongue out to cool it*

Smaland, here I come!

After I was ushered into the play area, mummy moved to the side, hoping that I would meet her at the window where the ball-pit was (as what she had told me earlier). As soon as mummy was out of sight, I bawled! Silly me. Being all alone, I felt very lost and just stood there for a moment... and decided to cry my fears away. I was all smiles again after mummy showed up and directed me to the ball-pit. Duh...

Mummy, don't go away ar!

Having a ball of a time!

I only played here and stubbornly refused to explore other places in the playland

Let me drive you home, mummy...

At the indoor playground of The Curve

The following day, it was a tag-along grocery-shopping trip with mummy to Giant. Mummy purposely drove to the further Giant in KD because she felt that this Giant was newer and much more pleasant compared to the one nearer to our home.

Nice, clean, free and most importantly, FUNCTIONING kiddy rides

Clean and well-maintained playground... can you spot me in the pic?

Before leaving, mummy and I had a small indulgence at JCo. Both mummy and I have never tried JCo donuts before. This was our very first time.

Fat-free yoghurt with strawberry topping, Coco Loco donut for me and Avocado-dunno-what donut for mummy

Mmmmmmm! Can we do this more often, mummy?

Monday, March 14, 2011

HRH Penang - Last Day

We had breakfast in another restaurant today... the Pizzeria. The dining area was just beside the beach and we enjoyed being fanned by the cool sea breeze while we ate.

Breakfast with a view

I enjoyed the breakfast very much and ate quite a lot!

Some... just SOME of the stuff that we ate...

After breakfast, we took a morning walk at the beach again...

A happy shot with daddy

ChloeRuoyi was here...

When we were out the whole day yesterday, I kept bugging daddy and mummy with the question "When can we go back to the hotel? I want to go swimming". I kept asking that after every 5 minutes. Yes, I was that annoying!

Mummy allowed me to have 30 minutes in the pool today and I was elated!

Yeaaaah! Swimming again!

Sliding down my favourite "Purple Twisty" slide

Riding piggyback on daddy around the big pool

Happy until cannot see the eyes!

After swimming, we whiled away the rest of our time doing crazy things in the room. Daddy "taught" me how to jump on the bed...

Yipeeee! I coincidentally made matching gestures with Paul McCartney in the poster (in the background)

We also turned on the hi-fi and danced and laughed til our bellies ached hehehe...

Another happy shot with mummy

One last pic before we said goodbye...

Finally, it was time to leave for home. As soon as I entered the car, tears rolled down my cheeks. In between silent sobs, I repeated "I'm going to miss the hotel... I miss the hotel..."

Daddy appointed a co-driver on our journey home... mummy. She was once again "conned" into driving and she actually drove the most difficult part of the journey... over 100km in a thunderstorm, with such poor visibility on the highway...

*mad tension*

Phew! Luckily we managed to reach home safely :)

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